Best Pool and Billiard Gloves

Playing bare-handed or with a pool glove are two different feelings. Many pool players go in for gloves primarily because they want to improve their grip on the cue stick. In pool, having a better grip ensures a higher accuracy of your shots, which increases your chances of winning. The importance of gloves can never be undermined, but the real question is, which glove is the best?

To help answer this question, our team of experts and pool enthusiasts searched the entire market to find the top three pool and billiard gloves for all players, and you can take a look below.


Longoni Black Fire 2.0

Longoni Black Fire 2.0

  • Adjustable strap fit
  • Separated fingers
  • Gripping microsuede pad


PREDATOR Billiard Glove

  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Breathable material moulds to your hand
  • Designed for LEFT bridge hand



  • Lycra
  • Stretchy Design Maximizes Shaft Movement
  • Middle Finger Tip is Exposed

Longoni Black Fire 2.0 is Our Top Pick

Our top pick and the most professional-grade gloves in our collection is the Longoni Black Fire 2.0. This is an upgrade from a previous model; thus, it possesses exceptional features that make you feel comfortable to play for longer. Longoni 2.0 is an innovative glove made from high-quality materials. Manufactures want to bring the best out of your game and as such, they’ve designed this model as a reversible glove. What’s more, the reversible nature of these gloves means you can use it as a right or left-handed person and still feel comfortable.

The Longoni 2.0 is made from a fabric known as Techno Fibre, and this is a very soft and comfortable fabric. It dissipated heat quickly, and it doesn’t become excessively warm or uncomfortable. For easy cleaning, you can place your glove in the machine saving you enough time for other activities. We recommend this top pick product for players of al skill set, because of its durability and efficiency.

Reviews: Best Pool and Billiard Gloves

  • Longoni Black Fire 2.0
  • PREDATOR Billiard Glove
  • MIFULGOO Elastic
  • Triangle Dreamz Hot n Cold
  • Anser M050912

#1: Longoni Black Fire 2.0


Longoni Black Fire 2.0As mentioned earlier, our top pick glove is from the Longoni camp. Their Black Fire glove is one exceptional billiard glove made for the everyday pool player. It is breathable and very comfortable to wear, thanks to their choice of fabric for the construction.

We love that this glove comes in varying sizes and designs, making customization possible at all times. Besides its construction, the Longoni Black Fire doesn’t hold on to sweat; thus, your hands are always dry, and you can focus on hitting shots on target without any hindrance.

We’re recommending this glove for all those who love performance and affordability in a single product. We also recommend it for those who don’t believe in ‘one size fits most’ thus they prefer to have a specific size for a snug fit. No matter your needs, Longoni is here to meet and exceed them.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Fits any size
  • Great for any skill level
  • Maximum control, grip, and stability
  • Pro-quality glove
  • Affordable gloves
  • Only comes in one color
  • The wrist strap is slightly larger.
  • not ideal for left-handed players

#2:  PREDATOR Billiard Glove


PREDATORThe Predator Billiard glove promises to change how much we love the pool, and also to make us pros at the game. These gloves are always high in demand on the market, especially since they’re linked with a very reputable brand in the industry. Pool fans across the globe love everything about the Predator, from the choice of materials to its construction and even it’s fit.

Also, the Predator Gloves provide you with immense accuracy and control during your games. It features Lycra material, which is breathable and very durable. The choice of fabric reduces the friction between your hands and cue stick, allowing you to target your shots better. Keep your hands dry and comfortable all through your games by getting the Predator gloves for yourself. These are state of the art units that mold themselves into the shape of your hand, without being too imposing or massive.

  • Appealing design
  • Competitive quality
  • friction-free
  • Molds to your hand for added comfort
  • Securely attached via Velcro
  • Breathable play
  • Available in one color only
  • Limited sizes
  • Not reversible

#3: MIFULGOO Elastic


MIFULGOO ElasticThe Mifulgoo Elastic gloves are unisex gloves categorized under products with great value. If you’re a potential buyer in search of gloves with quality and immense amount, these should be your first and final stop. The Mifulgoo elastic gloves are unisex gloves designed to be both functional and affordable. They are made from a flexible and breathable material which isn’t as durable as Lycra, but it gets the job done.

In addition to the beautiful choice of materials, the manufacturers of these gloves have ensured that everyone gets to wear a snug glove by providing a variety of sizes. Upon wearing these gloves, you’ll realize just how flexible the fingers are. Such flexibility, in addition to the excellent grip offered, will allow you to shoot with accuracy in all your games.

We’re recommending the Mifulgoo unisex gloves for all who love freedom and protection In one product. We guarantee that this reversible unit will offer secure and an excellent fit for as long as possible, without you having to break the bank.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Elasticated and Flexible
  • Ideal for practice
  • Reversible for either left or right hand
  • Various color options
  • Impressive design
  • Limited sizes
  • Irritation from loose threads
  • No breathability makes it uncomfortable

More Best Pool/Billiard Gloves That Are Worth a Look

Our quest for the best billiard and pool gloves was hectic but very eventful. We found some of the very best in the market and two alternative options which are equally amazing. These two options have the same qualities as the others; thus, we recommend you consider them while searching for the perfect fit.

#4 Triangle Dreamz Hot n Cold


Triangle Dreamz Hot n ColdMeet the Triangle Dreamz Hot n Cold billiard gloves, a functional glove with both attitude and flair. This is an exceptional alternative to our top picks and for a good reason. Set on a background of fire and ice, one will come across a beautifully printed image of an 8-ball, which calls for attention no matter where you find yourself. If you’re a player who loves to make an appearance, this is the ideal glove for you.

The Hot n Cold glove from Triangle Dreamz features a unique design that makes them great as a mid-level entry piece. They feature the use of spandex, a stretchy and comfortable fabric that doesn’t let go of your hand. The only downside will be its inability to let go of sweat. We love these gloves because they are reversible by design, and they’re a ‘one size fits most’ option’ thus anyone and everyone can give it a try.

#5: Anser M050912


Anser M050912The answer to your pool game issues are right here, thanks to Anser. They launched their Anser glove, which is yet another fantastic unit on the market today. If you need a low budget product that offers you high-end quality, trust Anser to provide you with all this and more. This is a breathable and durable glove, built to fit everyone with ease and offer them the highest level of accuracy and control in their games.

The Anser glove is a reversible glove by design. Besides being able to use it on both the left and right-hand sides, this glove offers users maximum flexibility thanks to its expose middle fingertip, pinky and ring fingers. The flexibility provided is more than enough for your bridge hand, which is why we know your game will never be the same after this.  Also, the Anser glove comes with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap and is great for all players on a strict budget.

Buying Guide And FAQs

Types of Billiard gloves

Hand Only

The first type of billiard gloves we will look at are those made for only one hand. These gloves are designed either for your left-bridge hand or your right-bridge hand, depending on whether you’re left or right-handed. The right-bridge hand gloves are very rare on the market, and those that are always readily available pose a significant challenge to leftie players.

Both hands

Even though many players are right-handed, some versatile brands have designed glove options for the left-handed population. These brands are exceptional because they take into consideration the ergonomics of both hands, and design to suit them all for easy and comfortable play. All lefties should look into such brands.

Reversible gloves

Another type of glove on the market for pool is the reversible glove. When a glove is referred to as reversible, it means it is versatile and can be worn both on your left and right hand. This claim of ambidexterity is often not true in totality which is why experts advise against making such investments.

Full fingered gloves

The typical design of billiard gloves has the middle, point and thumb fingers encased at all times. The other is left bare to allow for stabilization of the cue stick during play.

Fingerless fingers

For extra stabilization and grip, some players opt for the gloves that have bare fingertips. These three-finger fingerless gloves are such that they feature finger sleeves, but their tips are naked.

Finger wrap

The finger wraps are similar to sleeves, looking nothing like gloves. With these gloves, your palms and fingertips are bare, with the fingerless sleeves seen only on the thumb, point and middle fingers. If you want to experience the smoothness of a glove without actually wearing one, this is an excellent option for you.

Other Considerations

Finding the best-suited gloves for your fingers can be more complicated than one might think. This is because the market is saturated with so many options, each one promising to be better than the previous. Before you go choosing a specific glove for your next game, do pay attention to the following;

Design & color

Pool gloves like every other glove type come in various colors and designs. Your best shot is to choose one that meets your style and personality.

Material type

The second most vital thing to consider is what the glove is made from, meaning the material. Several materials can be used to make these gloves, but not all the materials are of exceptional quality. The most common choice, however, is the breathable materials like Lycra, since they prevent your hands from sweating profusely during a game. For better grip and traction, you can opt for spandex gloves, which are also very common.


Everyone needs to factor in the price of the glove they wish to purchase, before making their final purchase. Have a set budget to help streamline your choices, and also take into your account your skill level while drawing up the budget. As a professional player, it will make more sense to spend more on gloves, than it would if you’re a beginner.

Glove size

The size of your game affects your gaming performance directly; thus, you should invest in one that offers a snug fit at all times. The gloves must fit into your hands, but they must not be too tight or uncomfortable. For easy sizing, measure your hand and compare it with the size chart offered by manufacturers. This will prevent your gloves from being too loose or too tight, and it will also help extend their efficiency duration.

Glove type

Will you opt for a reversible glove or not? This should be something you consider since it can affect your game a lot. Depending on the hand you use a bridge during the game, you need a glove designed specifically for that hand. For three-finger gloves, however, their reversible options aren’t advised as they don’t always provide a snug fit.

Benefits Of Pool Gloves

If you compare playing bare-handed to playing with gloves, you’re going to see a significant difference in both games. Pool gloves offer you a huge advantage since they provide you with a firmer grip on your cue. With a firmer and better grip, you have more accuracy and control during your shots, with your cue less likely to slip or miss its target. If you’re playing with a closed bridge, using the pool gloves will work wonders for your game, even though they can also do some magic with open bridges.

Billiard gloves are also recommended by players for fellow players who are located in humid or heated environments. With the accompanying sweat that comes with the added moisture in the atmospheres, you’re bound to experience sweaty palms often, and this can affect your game. Wearing gloves, keep the moisture away from your cue stick, leaving you with enough friction to shoot with accuracy.

Billiard glove sizing

After giving you tips on the necessary features to look out for, it is only fair we highlight one crucial factor and how best to tackle it; the size of your gloves. Billiard gloves come in a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra-large. The size you choose will determine how well your games will go; thus, it is a very important thing to know.

Don’t be afraid to give the ‘one size fits all’ gloves a chance since they can offer you a snug fit, but try playing with them if you can, before making a decision. Check the manufactures size chart, if their gloves come in varying sizes, and have them measure your hand also, to allow you to find the size that best fits. The measurement is usually done around your hand, below the fingers.

Glove alternatives

Some players don’t feel comfortable with gloves, and yet they still struggle with the cue drag. There’s nothing to fear since there are other options besides the pool gloves. For some pool players, chalking their bridge hand and the shaft of their cue is an excellent option for when they don’t want to feel the touch of gloves. Doing this gives the same effect as wearing a glove.

Using powder or chalk in a game is very useful, but it is also very messy since it needs re-application from time to time. If you’re playing at home on your table, this will not be an issue, but if you find yourself somewhere, else you never know who’s getting irritated by the amount of dust you’re leaving on the floor. For such instances, you will have to invest in a chalk bag. These are cute traveling bags that allow you to keep your chalk safely, away from others.


What are billiard gloves?

Sometimes referred to as pool gloves, the billiard glove is a garment typically worn on the bridge of your hand. It is designed to protect your hands when playing cue sports. The billiard gloves feature a construction that features materials that deliver enough runway for the cue when playing a shot.

There are different types of billiard gloves, but their design is very similar. Every pool glove has a covering for the thumb, middle and first fingers. These fingers are covered since that’s where your stick will be during play. You can have fingerless options that are considered more breathable, with the ability to offer a better grip during your game.

Typically, only one glove is worn on the left hand. This is for the majority who pare right-handed and as such, use their left hands as a bridge.

Why use a pool glove?

Pool or billiard gloves are used for two primary reasons, both of which we will briefly discuss in following points. The reasons why you’ll choose wearing of gloves overplaying bare-handed is because;

  • During play, you’re bound to have sweaty or clammy hands. This usually occurs when you’re playing in a humid or hot environment. Having sweat in your hands often causes the cue stick to stick or jolt slightly while you shoot. This makes the game uncomfortable and also renders your shots inaccurate. Wearing the pool glove doesn’t mean you won’t sweat; it only means that the moisture won’t come into contact with the stick, allowing you to focus on getting a clear shot every time.
  • The other reason why pool gloves are used is that you might be playing with a fibreglass pool cue. Such cue sticks aren’t made of wood as such; they slide easily when used against bare skin. The pool glove offers some amount of friction, which helps you maintain your ability to make clean shots.

What’s the difference between cheap and pricey pool gloves?

The typical price range for billiard or pool gloves is between 3 and 30, respectively. For the most part, investing in cheaper options will work for you and your game, but the issue you’ll be faced with often is lack of durability. The material used for cheaper pool gloves features a poor quality, which means you’re not guaranteed the smoothest strokes during your games.

Another downside of cheap gloves is their ability to fray easily, especially around the thumb section. The gloves on the higher end of the price spectrum are made of durable materials; thus, they offer you the best quality on the market. Their initial cost may be high, but their durability and longevity make the purchase well worth every penny.

For cheap gloves, they’re usually sold in bulk because they’re not meant to last very long. Expensive gloves offer you a one-time purchase which will take you for years, depending on how well you treat them. Choosing a product according to your budget is the best way to choose your gloves without breaking the bank.

I’m a left-handed shooter – what should I get?

A more significant percentage of the world is right-handed; thus, we have many of our gloves designed for this market. This is the same for billiard and pool gloves, making many left-handed players wonder which model is best suited for them and their game. For left-handed folks who love to play, be sure to keep an eye out for asymmetrical gloves that can be worn on both the right and left hands.

Since you play with your left hand, your right is the hand that needs gloves; thus, you can also look for models explicitly designed to suit the right hand. These options are scarce and are also sometimes very expensive because of their low level of availability. Checking online shops and product reviews will allow you to have a clearer image of what’s on the market, and the best model to suit your needs.

Thin vs thick pool gloves?

One of the categories under which pool gloves are placed is thickness. There are thick and thin pool gloves, with the type you choose based solely on your preferences. Thin gloves feel almost like your second skin, and as such, they’re more natural to touch. The thin nature of the glove material allows you to play better since you have a better feel of your cue stick before taking your shots.

The thick pool gloves, on the other hand, are heavier but more durable. The material used in their construction means your gloves won’t experience any wear, tear, or splits anytime soon. The only downside is their weight, which will need some getting used to. Thick or thin gloves, the choice is up to you, since both gloves can be very easy to use. They all keep your sweat away from the cue stick, offering you better accuracy when needed.

How We Picked the Best Pool/Billiard Gloves

As a team, we were fully aware of the necessary features, needed to help anyone purchase a properly design billiard glove. To enable us to choose the best out of all competing brands in the market, we had to draw up a criterion to help guide our choices, and we discuss each one below;


Pool experts are confident in the fact that the material used to construct a billiard glove plays a massive role in its performance. To ensure that customers receive nothing but the best in quality and performance, we considered the different material choices available on the market, choosing only the very best for this article.

In this article, you come across gloves made from high-quality and highly recommended Lycra, nylon, and mesh. Some gloves feature all three in a perfect blend for topmost quality. These materials are breathable, helping keep your sweaty palms and hands at bay while you play. We also considered these fabrics because of their low-friction nature, which prevents your hands from slipping when making the bridge. If you ever wish to search for gloves yourself, these are the materials experts recommend.


For billiard gloves, one size fits most, not all. Taking this into consideration. Our team went on a hunt to find gloves that can accommodate most people’s fingers with ease. Having such versatility in size means you can even share your gloves with friends and family when you’re not playing, and this also saves you money in the long run.

There are, however, some manufactures that design gloves in a single size. This one size is built with a stretchable material such that others can make use of them as well. The downside to the one size fits most is that the gloves might end up being too tight or too loose for players. This will affect your game and shooting accuracy, which isn’t an inspiring thing to experience.

Custom-made gloves

We all have different taste when it comes to designs and products in general, which is why the ability to customize is one we paid great attention to. Billiard gloves by design are available either as one size fits most model or a range of size starting from extra small to extra-large.

Customization of billiard gloves is related more to the size and overall aesthetic; thus, our choice of gloves in this article focuses on manufactures that offer you options to choose from. Every glove in this article comes in a variety of sizes, colors and forms such that depending on your current needs, you will find something that appeals both to your style and your pocket.


Everyone needs to set a budget when searching for gloves to help streamline their choices. With that said, we know that the price of your chosen glove can go a long way to affect your gameplay which is why we paid loads of attention to this point during the selection process.  As a team, we recognize the different budgets of people when it comes to purchasing billiard gloves and products in general.

With this at the back of our minds, we sought to offer potential buyers with varying products made for different prices and budget groups. We considered quality over branding and price such that you can find very affordable gloves, that cost less. For gloves, we matched budgets to the skill set of players; thus, the professional gloves in the article are priced relatively higher than those for casual players.

Other features

After tackling these essential features, we also considered auxiliary features and factors that will be vital to some players. Some of these additional factors included right-handed and left-handed gloves, padding, reversibility of the gloves, and also the glove type. These factors are considered extremely vital because they can be chosen and studied with ease at any time.

For left-handed players, we have listed products that can be worn on both the right and left hands, making their search easier. We also took a look at some fingerless gloves, as well as those with selected coverings and coatings.a