When you hear the words ‘indoor games’, chess, Super Mario, Grand Theft Auto, and the likes come to mind. But what about table sports? We are not talking about craps, blackjack or roulette, we’re looking at some high energy snooker, air hockey, ping pong and when the occasion arises, its less dignified cousin, beer pong. No matter which one of these trees you bark up, this site is the place to be if you want to get information on any of these sports… and then some. 


Here, it does not matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you will get nothing less than the best. What you will get is all the guidance you need when it comes to increasing your skill, getting yourself the right equipment and generally rocking it ‘table sport’ style.

You might be wondering why this site even exists, why go all the way to make a whole site about table sports? If a game is fun, it should be able to speak for itself, right? But with all the hype and excitement offered by Playstation and Nintendo, not to talk of Candy Crush, good ol’ table sports needs all the help they can get.

The truth of the matter is that as fun as it is to battle in front of a screen, you can never underestimate the joy of playing games in an actual social context. So, all we aim to do here is to help you uncover the joys of battling it out table style. You do not need to have stellar coordination, organizational skills or mad strategy skills to both enjoy yourself and thrive here. Simply come with the will to have fun and moves that will help you dominate.

For the most part of it, we have geeked out about table sports and subtly put down the advent of video and online games. Now, it’s officially time to tell you why you should not totally say ‘no’ to the idea of a table sports site.

There is a whole lot to gain here and it’s not just a truckload of fun. Even better, it’s not just one person on here droning out information about table sports, you will get a wholesome picture of how kick-ass every single game is, thanks to experts in different fields.

Why Patronize Our Site?

First and foremost, we feel it’s important to reiterate how much fun it is to play games like snooker, Baccarat, foosball, pinball and of course ping pong among many others. After all, if there is no fun involved then what’s the actual use? Besides the fun you’ll get out of this, there is a whole lot for you to gain. For instance:

  • There is a guarantee that you will only get equipment suited to your skill level, preferences, and your bank account balance
  • You will undoubtedly learn new ways to make use of your gaming table. Best believe that there are so many games just waiting for you to discover them
  • You’ll receive directions and tips on how to up your table sport game skills in every facet possible

In a nutshell, we want this to be a one-stop destination when it comes to all things table sports. So, feel free to geek out here or simply explore a new interest. Either way, we are here to hold your hand every step of the way.