Best Foosball Tables Review

You’ll likely agree with us that on a cool, work-free weekend when you choose to spend the day indoors, playing foosball is an excellent way to unwind. It’s also an avenue for good family bonding, especially with the kids. And if you fancy acquiring one and have already settled on the space to accommodate it, you might be wondering where to begin.

When it comes to foosball tables, a feature that makes one a quick pick for one person might be a turn off for another. Even more, you might not know what product will better fit your needs. As such, we have carefully researched and narrowed down the very long list of foosball tables in the market. We’ve also selected five and ensured that we let you know the top 3 so you can make a guided decision as you take a pick.


Hathaway Playoff 4 Foosball Table


This is a super sturdy yet light foosball table designed with medium-density fiberboard material. It features a sleek, chrome-plated steel rod with easy-grip ergonomic handles, realistic ABS-molded players, and reinforced legs for balance. The unique Playoff’s bright and colorful surround graphics give off something close to a real-life stadium with excited fans altogether delivering a unique user gameplay experience.


American Legend Charger


Our runner up is a simple yet exquisite oak finished 52” foosball table featuring abacus scoring, an internal ball return system, chrome-finished rods and crossbar support legs for added balance. It doesn’t come with stadium graphic surround design or counterbalanced players but the life-like realistic players in addition to its affordability does add to its high recommendation in the market


Best Choice Products


There’s no way you can go wrong with Best choices’ 10-in-one game table. This space saver game board packs all the fun that’ll keep you, your family and friends going. Just switch from foosball to pool, table tennis, chess and much more. This versatility, unique innovation and affordability surely secured its place among the top 3

Since we have successfully highlighted the top choices, it’s safe to now get into a more detailed review which will pack a lot more information. You’ll get more information on areas such as the design specifications, pros, cons, etc. By the time you are done running through this review, your choice would have been well guided so you can make an easy pick.

Best Foosball Tables for 2020  – Top 5 Reviews

  1.   Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table, Soccer Game for Kids and Adults Review


Hathaway Playoff 4 Foosball TableThis Hathaway foosball table has got it all going for it. It is carefully crafted using medium-density fiberboard which is the major material component that contributes to its overall light frame at only 51 pounds. Let’s not forget durability and of course sturdiness. The rods are lightweight and hollowed promoting easy player maneuverability and shot taking. That’s not all, the rods are also chrome plated making them rust-resistant and durable. Easy ergonomic grip handles complement the rod thereby making handling easy for both adults and kids during gameplay.

One of the features that’ll easily catch your eye, aside from the beautifully constructed frame, is the ABS-modeled players. This isn’t some cheaply made plastic that’ll crack under the pressure of shots during gameplay, rather, it’s a tough amorphous thermoplastic polymer that guarantees shock resistance. The fact is, you can’t damage these figurine players that easily. And as a precaution though, keep them away from direct heat and that includes the sun which may cause a little change to the player’s shape

Now, when it comes to top-notch functionality, the perfect balance for an even orientation cannot be overemphasized or compromised. Hathaway knows this, so the legs of this piece are very well reinforced. As such, this isn’t one of those tables that’ll collapse or bend under gameplay pressure.

Another thoughtful feature is the ball return system that offers ease of picking the foosballs each time you score a goal. The manufacturer knows how passionate users can get so you get an extra ball eliminating time lag between gameplay action. The Hathaway foosball table is an engineered beauty no doubt, you can’t help but love the sleek dazzling design, carrying along with it the excitement you deserve in your game room, lounge or office. This is all thanks to playoff’s bright colorful stadium surround graphics that depict a real-life soccer stadium filled with excited fans.

You bet this is one feature the kids will love and adults alike. Add the abacus style scoring system for seamless scoring during gameplay, it’s surprisingly affordable price and a generous 180-day manufacturer’s warranty and you’ll agree there’s no point searching any further for a foosball table.


  1. Robust construction
  2. Reinforced legs for balance
  3. Stadium-like graphics
  4. ABS-modeled players
  5. Easy set up
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Suitable for kids
  • 180-day money-back guarantee
  • Extra ball
  • Not full-size table
  • Ball return hole bit too small for adult hands
  • Steel rods prone to bending

This foosball table is a package of quality, durability, and style. If you are looking for a foosball table under $200, with a medium-density fiberboard material found in higher-end products, then look no further as this is highly recommended.

  2.   American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table


American Legend ChargerTake a look at the American legend charger foosball table and you’ll easily admit the oak wood finishing that runs through the rectangle board is top-notch. The playing field surface is made of medium-density fibreboard engineered by the breakdown of hardwood into wood fiber. This is further combined with a wax and a resin binder which is subjected to high temperature and pressure. Now that’s fantastic wood processing that guarantees durability and eliminates drag in gameplay common with boards made from low-density material.

The wooden frame isn’t the only thing with good finishing, the rods also were made of quality steel supported with chrome plating ensuring the steel is resistant to quick damage. The rods terminate with a quality, slip-proof handle that ensures firm grip which promotes effective shooting. A total of 8 of these rods comes with the entire package accommodating a total of 4 players, that’s two on each side.

The American legend sits at a finished weight of 81.6 pounds so you can reposition it easily. In addition, it doesn’t cover much space at a length of 53.5 inches and a width of 26 inches. So, even if you don’t have a very large space to your advantage, you can still swing this one easily in a medium-sized apartment. Even better, if you want to change apartments, it’ll fit well into small or medium-sized moving vans. It’s equally a good fit in an office lounge, so versatility is a strong point here.

Also, while the legs aren’t furnished with an adjustable lever feature, there’s compensation in the area of strength and an added crossbar for extra support and balance. The goalie setup is a one-man design. Unlike some with three that makes defending a lot easier, you have to be ready for some extra defensive gameplay, not to worry defending with a single goalie set up might be a bit tough but you’ll become an excellent player in no time competing in that condition. It even comes with an abacus-like counter so you can record goals scored easily.

A little heads up, the cool life-like players will surely give users great gameplay experience. Nevertheless, they don’t come counterbalanced, but that doesn’t impair the fun if you look on the bright side. Also, on the safety lane, balls are pretty small, so you may want to keep the toddlers away from them. Overall, it’s quite easy to assemble once you get at it, considering the price is only $200, it’s great value for money


  1. Chrome finished  rods
  2. Compact design
  3. Quality medium-density fiberboard material
  4. Cross-bar support legs for added balance
  5. Single goalie setup
  • Very affordable
  • Easy assemble
  • Realist foosball players
  • Accommodate 4 user
  • Ball return  system
  • Abacus scoring
  • No leg adjustable levers
  • Not suitable for tournament
  • No counterweight players

With all the cool features and an affordable price of $200, the American legend remains a strong contender in the foosball market. As long as you are not looking for some professional table used in tournament settings, this is a good buy.

  3.   Best Choice Products 2x4ft 10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set


Best Choice ProductsLet’s not beat around the bush and go straight to how the manufacturer pieced a whopping 10 games together on one board. Despite this feat, they still conveniently made this one compact, sturdy and surprisingly under $150. If that’s not an impressive and thoughtful innovation permit me to say we don’t know what is.

This versatile 10-in-1 game set gives you the liberty of interchanging fun. There’s no getting bored with this one, get the entire family, because it’s bonding and game night time; get the gang, there’s enough to go round. The games here include Foosball, pool, Push Hockey, Ping Pong, Chess, shuffleboard, bowling, backgammon, billiards, and checkers. The entire game set sits easily between the foosball and billiard wooden designed frame all mounted on 4 strong slip-proof legs that ensure balance and stability.

While the foosball players aren’t quite life-like, foosball gameplay isn’t impaired in any way. 8 steel rods accommodate a total capacity of 4 players with carefully designed handles for a firm grip. This goes a long way to eliminate any awkwardness during gameplay. With all of the above, Best Choice products still throw in a goal-counting system to easily keep records as you score, in addition to 2 mini soccer balls.

Another plus on this one is that the entire package sits at a lightweight of 51 pounds and an overall dimension of  48″ by 24″, guess you can swing this one easily in a moderately sized apartment. Furthermore, it’s easy to assemble, you’ll be done in about ½ an hour.


  1. 10-in-1 game station
  2. Ergonomic handle
  3. Score counting  system
  4. Wood finish
  5. Compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Interchangeable game
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Accommodate 4 users at a go
  • Not suitable for tournaments
  • No ball return system
  • Legs are not adjustable
  • Too basic, for rookies

No doubt ten different interchangeable games at a very affordable price offer enough bragging rights for this best choice products fun board. Clearly, that’s what’s maintaining its demand and keeping it on our top 3. If you are looking for something worth more than what you are paying then this is your stop.

  4.   Kick Legend 55″ in Foosball Table


Kick Legend 55Talk about durability and elegance, the Kick Legend hit the market well prepared.  This 142 pound beauty is no child’s play in foosball action. The makers of this one have been in the business for a while and the founder isn’t just an excellent entrepreneur but a foosball veteran. So the Kick legend and every other foosball table from this manufacturer is a design filled with the passion of a foosball lover & enthusiast. Elegantly assembled and finished, the kick legend foosball table features a warm chestnut shade wood finishing that’ll blend in easily with the rest of your home wood-made furniture.

The remaining parts are 4 beautifully shaped ebony, strong legs for incredible balance. There’s also the chromed plated 5 by 8 inches, stainless steel rods carefully crafted to deliver smooth and effective gameplay.

Also, you’ll likely agree that professional foosball tables makers don’t joke with level playing fields as it ensures fair play and enjoyable viewing. Luckily, the Kick company has been in the manufacturing business for too long to compromise on this hence, this one is made with the level playing field. Even more, leg levers are added to further ensure a level surface. Also, most foosball table makers either offer a goalie or three-goalie set up, but Kick Legend wants you to have the freedom to choose and set up as you want. So you get both single and triple goalie setups. You bet the assembly is super easy and fun as well.

Another feature that can’t come up short in a professional foosball table is the foosball players. This one is all perfectly designed to be life-like with even weight distribution across the length of the figure for effective gaming. Furthermore, you can monitor each goal scored with ease using the provided analog counter on each end of the frame behind the goal post. It also has a ball return system for easy retrieval of the tiny foosballs during gameplay.

At 55 inches long and 30 inches wide, it’s a full-sized table meaning it’s significantly longer than your average foosball table. So, you might need to give it good space considering that the 4 users, who’ll be moving here and there, will take up extra space as well. Hey! It’s no rookie piece, so this doesn’t come cheap at $619.85.

But the elegant design makes it worth the price as some foosball tables with all the professional specs are worth around $1000. It’ll interest you to know that all Kick’s foosball table design comes with a lifetime warranty deal, this, of course, is not exempted so you can rest easy as you buy this one. If you are a foosball enthusiast, this is one of those pieces you must have as part of your collection.


  1. Elegant frame design
  2. 3 or 1 goalie option setup
  3. Abacus-like score counter
  4. Chrome-plated steel rods
  5. Ball return system
  • Easy setup
  • Counterbalanced foosball players
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Level playing surface
  • Adjustable legs
  • Heavy
  • Needs some extra space
  • Pricey

The kick legend is an exquisitely designed foosball table, that delivers quality and professional touch. If you are looking for a good tournament table, or you’re a foosball enthusiast you can go ahead and indulge yourself with this piece.

  5.   KICK Splendor 55″ in Foosball Table Review


KICK Splendor 55This is yet another elegant design from Kick, makers of exquisitely finished professional foosball tables. If you are a follower of Kicks’ foosball table design, you’ll easily admit their wood design is always brilliant. This one also features a cool chestnut shade frame all the way to the legs. The surface is also made of quality medium density fiberboard which translates to durability and effective gameplay on the pitch surface. After supporting the frame with 4 solid legs, cross-bars were also added for extra stability and balance. The design also includes leg-levelers to ensure an even playing field.

8 durable semi-solid stainless steel rods finished with chrome plating are added here to guarantee the effective maneuvering of figurine players during your gameplay. Even better, you can pick your ball easily after each goal with the ball return feature. Also fitted on each end of the foosball frame are abacus-like counters to keep easy tabs of goals scored.

Balance is everything in the foosball game, asides the board surface, the players too require balance otherwise they’ll just spin lazily under gravity and won’t defend shots well. Kick is no novice in professional foosball table design, so the life-like playerz comes counterbalanced for a full user experience during gameplay. Thoughtfully, Kick also offers freedom in terms of goalie set up. Now you can choose if you want a one-man or three-man goalie setup.  As expected with kicks’ foosball tables, this one also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can buy it with peace of mind.  There’s also an optional free rod lubricant, but you’ll have to add it to your request when making an order. It’s a professional spec so it comes a bit heavy at 119pounds, but that’s an added advantage to balance and non-shifting orientation. A foosball table with full size and professional features yet under 1000 dollars is definitely a good buy.


  • 3 or 1 goalie choice feature
  • Chrome finished stainless rods
  • Ball return system
  • Crossbar support
  • Leg-levelers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Counterbalanced foosball players
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Level playing surface
  • Adjustable legs
  • Heavy
  • Not very easy to set up
  • Pricey

Kicks no doubt make excellent foosball tables. This will be an equally excellent choice if you are looking for something heavy, sturdy and under a $1000

Best Foosball Tables – Buyers’ Guide

It’s great to always have an idea of where to start. For foosball that has graduated from just table soccer fun to a tightly regulated international sport, the need for a good buying guide cannot be overemphasized. Some features are basic and can be found in all foosball while only professional tables can boast of certain characteristics. All in all, there’s truly a foosball table out there for every pocket and everyone. You just need to know what you want and align it with what’s out there. Here are some things to look out for when you need to buy a foosball table


While this doesn’t necessarily affect gameplay, since users are subjected to the same size condition,  it’s a factor that’s highly important in tournament / professional settings. International tournaments are played on standard full-sized boards. For a foosball table to be considered full-sized, it shouldn’t be less than 55 inches long and 31inches wide.

Any table significantly less than 54 inches, for example, a 48 inches long table will be noticeably smaller thus, better applicable for non-professional settings like home, office lounge, etc. Also if you are considering a foosball table for your home or office lounge and you may not have ample space, it would be better to opt for something less than the full-sized option.


If you take fair games very seriously whether it’s for fun at home, tournament or settings, the weight of a foosball table is of high importance. With lighter tables, a simple knee bump from an adult player can tilt the ball. Unfair right? While this isn’t much of an issue at home or the office lounge, it is illegal in professional gameplay. Let’s face it, this can easily happen by accident with four adults surrounding a 55-inch rectangle table, maneuvering eight steel rods with competitive passion.

This accidental bump or intentional cheating as the case may be is easily circumvented with a heavier foosball table. You’ll agree it’ll take more than an accidental bump or a knee jab to move a monster weight table of over 200 pounds. Most tables used in competition are usually designed with weights from 200 pounds and over.

The playing field

Now, this is where all the foosball action goes down. If there’s something off about this feature, there’ll definitely be something off about the gameplay. The nature of the material used in the crafting really matters, most lower-end foosball tables are engineered with particle boards. Due to the soft texture of the surface, the result is reduced speed in gameplay in addition to fast wear. You’ll start to notice it around the goal area in the form of chips and divots.

Others offer some form of lamination e.g melamine coating to improve the speed of ball movement but a foosball table that’ll get a good pass mark for playing field surface comes with medium-density fiberboard material. Here, hardwood or softwood has been further engineered by breakdown, combined with a wax and resin binder before converting to panels by subjecting it to high temperature and pressure.

Many dishonest foosball dealers may try to pass off laminated low-density particle boards for medium-density fiberboards, so be wary. Some higher-end models are equipped with tempered glass, this delivers the fastest foosball action in the market.

Counterbalanced Foosball Players

Counterbalanced or counterweighted players are just a big word for foosball players with even distribution of weight across the entire length of the player. This translates to balance, meaning your player won’t rotate annoyingly under gravity.

This mostly occurs when the weight is more on the top than the bottom or vice versa. Foosball players that are not counterweighted will cause some impairment to the gameplay. They can easily rotate and get in the way of your shot. So do it like the pros and choose a foosball table with counterbalanced or counterweighted players. They come extra pricey but they make for a better user experience.

The Rods

These are simply the 8 pieces of rod that usually stick out on the other side of the table giving users control over the game action. The 3 options on the market are the solid, hollowed and telescopic rods. This is another feature that affects foosball gameplay. One thing is certain, whether you are a rookie or a veteran, you’ll surely want to quickly move your players to outwit your opponent and that’s what the rods are meant for. Hollowed foosball rods made of steel usually do the job better than the solid, they also promote faster shooting. All thanks to their lighter weight.

Don’t get fooled by the rods with thicker walls even if it’s hollow, they are mostly made of substandard steel and they’re heavier. There’s a catch though, while solid rods deliver slower action, they are more durable in comparison to their lighter hollowed-rod counterparts. So, there’s technically a slight trade-off between durability and speed.

Much more than speed delivery, the telescopic rods are crafted for safety purposes, unlike the former two above they don’t extend out of the table fully for protection of players’ sensitive parts and also kids who might move to close during gameplay. Foosball tables with telescopic rods always come remotely expensive but like the hollow rods, they are also less durable when compared to the solids.

Convenient Ball retrieval/ ball return system

Well, this feature doesn’t significantly affect gameplay but it’s a plus because it doesn’t come with the very low-end foosball tables. Basically, it’s a feature that provides extra convenience. In foosball, since gameplay flow is from one end to the other end, there’s an awkwardness in retrieving the ball. The ball return innovation/ feature brings the ball to you meaning you don’t have to go all the way around the table after scoring a goal.

Some other foosball models are made with rails inside that allow the ball to drop into space or slot on the side of the table. This means that you’ll need to move a bit and grab the ball but not as much as going all the way around. If you want this convenience, then opt for a table with a ball-return mechanism

Leg levelers

Another very important feature that contributes to a level playing field is leg levers. If your table isn’t leveled, it’s either because it isn’t positioned on an uneven surface or it has fallen out of proper level due to long and heavy use. This results in unengaged balls rolling towards one direction. This, of course, may give undue advantage to the player positioned where the ball is constant rolling towards.

The leg levers make it easy to adjust your foosball table via any of the individual legs making it level during play.

Goalie configuration

There are two goalie setups in foosball table design. The one goalie setup is based on European / UK style and the three goalie setup is based on the American design.

Obviously, a three-man goalie setup will definitely speed up the game’s action and make it easier to defend your goal compared to tables with the one-man goalie. Depending on your preference, you can choose either when buying a table. However, some tables are designed so you can have both options in one purchase. All you need to do is to switch at any time.


Some other foosball table features include a cross-bar for added support to the legs. There’s also chrome finished rods for ergonomic grip and this gives users support when taking short and overall effective gameplay. The analog abacus-like counter is also common with most foosball tables, it’s a stylish and easy way of keeping goal records. If you don’t want the awkwardness of recording score goals on paper with a pen, you should opt for a table furnished with this goal counter.

Advantages of having a Foosball table

Health Benefits

Football and similar games are high-paced sports. So is the gameplay of foosball. Since it’s physically demanding, it’s a means of exercising the legs and arms, improving speed,  agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and endurance.

Improves bonding and communication

A foosball table accommodates multiple players at least two and a maximum of four. It’s a good way to bond with family & friends and the kids are not left out. Bonding improves communication fostering unity, especially among family members.

Graduate to a professional

Having a foosball table will give one an opportunity to practice more and improve skills. This can fuel further interest in the pro leagues.

Encourage healthy competition and development

Foosball is obviously not a single-player game. Engagement between at least two people will drive fun and development of competitive spirit which drives players to improve more to be better.

Types of tables of Foosball tables

Foosball has developed into an international game over the years with many countries having their preferred table type. Among them is the:

Roberto Sport (Italian-style)

The Italian style of playing foosball is a high speed, adrenaline-pumping action. The game is so fast-paced in a local setting, it’s actually considered a foul if the game stops for no good reason. Hence tables are designed with speed delivery in mind. The playing surface is mostly equipped with tempered glass, smaller players and of course light rods for effective handling. The Italian tables are known for the exhilarating gameplay they offer.

Tornado ( The American way)

The Americans always bring in some uniqueness to the table. American style foosballs are the only tables with 13 players on each side instead of the usual 11 like in standard soccer games. With American type tables, unlike the Italian style tables, emphasis is more on ball passing hence, players are designed wide-footed. American tables are considered amongst the best in the foosball table market, the wider foot design makes the game play more interesting and enjoyable. This is because the games are more tactical like real-life soccer, with more controlled gameplay.

Bonzini ( French style design)

The craftsmanship of the French foosball table is second to none. From the tables itself to the rods, they are made to last. Even the figurine players are made with durable heavy aluminum. French crafted tables are known to be the most durable tables in the world.


How much does a good foosball table cost?

If we are gonna take this from the lowest of cadre, foosball tables cost as low as $30 i.e. the mini, leg-less, tabletop type specifically for the children, to as much $4000. The average price based on what you’ll typically find if you walk into a foosball table dealership, most are between  $150-$2000.

What is the regulation size foosball table?

A foosball must be 36mm to be a regulation-size ball

How many players are there on a table?

Foosball tables are designed with 8 rods with 4 on each side. The least number of players is two while the maximum is four players at once.

How do I play foosball?

The basics: you’ll utilize the provided rods on your side of the foosball table to maneuver your 13 figurine players in order to drive the ball towards your opponent’s goal post. As long as you don’t have an arm injury that could get worse due to handling the rods, you are good to go. Furthermore, If it’s one man opponent gameplay, you’ll have to control all 4 rods on your side of the table. But if it’s two-man opponent gameplay, one person controls the rear defensive rods while your team member takes the offensive bars. Pretty easy right?

The technical part: This is where it’s starting to get real because you also have to prevent your opponent from maneuvering the ball to your own goal post by utilizing the same set of rods. You need a lot of concentration, you can’t afford to get your eyes off the ball or you might give your opponent the advantage to score. The first side to score 5 goals win.

How Do I Clean the table?

To clean your foosball table properly, a piece of clean dry cloth will do just fine to remove loose dirt and debris. It’s often common to have some eating and drinking near the table especially when it’s in a domestic setting or bar. Rubbing alcohol will do fine to remove any sticky stain.

How Frequently Should It be cleaned?

If you want to maintain your table and have it serve you for a while, it needs to be cleaned frequently or with a maintenance schedule. The frequency of cleaning will largely be dependent on the frequency of usage rather than scheduled maintenance. If you are the type that uses your foosball table every day or at least every other day, it’ll be okay to clean at least once or twice a week immediately after use or a couple of days later. However, if you are an occasional player, then it’s okay to stick to schedule maintenance e.g once a month cleaning.

Are kick foosball tables good?

Kick are excellent makers of elegant and durable foosball tables. They’ve been in the table-making business for a minute, with the experience of 3 decades on their side. The Kick company makes both professional, full-sized tables and slightly smaller size. Their foosball tables are known for exquisite wood finishing and they always throw in a lifetime warranty offer so you rest easy as you buy. Some of their models are the Kick splendor, legend, Monarch, triumph, the titans among others. They may be a bit pricey but they are worth every penny.

What’s the best brand of foosball tables?

The foosball market is made up of lots of excellent products. However, choosing best in the markets might be hard but some names stand out pretty well.

The tornado: This is an American styled foosball table that has been around since the 70s. Not only has it stood the test of time, but it’s also fantastically crafted and is known among the professional community & international competitions all around the world. Tornado’s best brand yet is the T-3000 model that fulfills all the professional requirements you’ll ever ask for in a foosball table.

Why do some foosball tables have 3 goalies?

American styled foosball tables are designed with a 3-man goalie. This is another innovation/feature that makes defending your goal post easier unlike the single goalie set up.

What are the best foosball balls?

A lot of foosball lovers that fall under the “casual player group” may not know how equally important the tiny foosball balls are.  The quality of the ball may greatly impact your gameplay and overall outcome. Even if you just play for fun, the foosball balls could determine how much enjoyment you’ll have. It’s therefore vital to choose the best balls for your table. While there are many types in the market, these are just a few among the notable names.

  • The official classic pink Tornado: this is a tournament-grade ball that offers great control and rolls well on a good playing surface
  • Warriors tournament quality Red foosballs: also an international tournament-grade ball that offers an even greater control due it its slightly heavier weight
  • Warrior pro game foosball is known among the pros for extra durability.
  • Rene Pierre foosball table cork balls: common among European foosball players. A little lighter in weight but that why it’s preferred as it makes very little sound
  • Garlando yellow: fantastic ball suitable for most kinds of tables

Final verdict

At this point, there isn’t any doubt the game of foosball is a great avenue to unwind with buddies, bond with family, improve communication, and engage in healthy competition. Hey! it’s even got health benefits. It’s therefore not a bad idea if you are thinking of acquiring one. We understand that choosing one may appear like a tedious task but it’s rewarding once you opt for that quality piece that’ll serve you.

This is why we have chosen Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball table as our top choice. Let’s face it, not only does it fulfill the requirements of affordability, it delivers a unique user experience with its playoff’s bright and colorful stadium surround graphics not to mention the convenience feature of the ball return mechanism. The medium-density fiberboard material and hollow chrome coated steel rods are features found in many high end foosball tables, yet, there’s still no compromise on quality and durability in any way. We sincerely hope that you found this guide helpful and found a Foosball table that meets all your needs.