Best Pool Cues Review


Players Technology Series HXT15

Players Technology Series HXT15

  • Crafted from Premium Grade, Hand-Selected, North American Hard Rock Maple
  • Includes Proprietary HXT Low-Deflection Ferrule
  • Solid Black Double-Pressed Irish Linen Wrap

CUESOUL 57 inch

CUESOUL 57 inch

  • 13mm Leather Tip
  • Black and White Genuine Irish Linen Wrap
  • Hand Selected North Canadian Hard Maple Wood

AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches

AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches

  • Well-made and dead straight.
  • Ergonomic design pool cue.
  • Skidproof ergonomic design

Players Technology Series HXT15 is our Top Pick

Improve your pool shots with the HXT15, a cue crafted especially for optimum performance all the time. This cue is made from hard rock maple, and it possesses so many features that enable it to stand up to its competitors on the market.

The HXT15 is built with a walnut-stained birds-eye maple forearm, for extra stability. Also, the manufacture included a traditional black and white butt finish and a pincher-style point design that is pretty impressive.

Beauty aside, the quality performance of this cue cannot be undermined. It features a state of the art technology that increases your accuracy and shot power while offering a superior grip and spin. With such a tool in your arsenal, you’re sure to play like a pro. We recommend the HXT15 for all players in need of accuracy and power, as well as a style that is hard to imitate.

Reviews: Best Pool Cues of 2020

  • Players Technology Series HXT15
  • CUESOUL 57 inch
  • AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches
  • Viper Diamond 58″
  • McDermott 42 inch

#1: Players Technology Series HXT15


Players Technology Series HXT15Our first and best pool cue is a member of the Players family. Their Players HXT15 is one of their many cue series designs, and it promises to take your games to the next best level. This pool cue isn’t only great-looking, but it also comes at a price that many can afford, thus increasing its demand. This cue is for anyone who desires to experience an excellent performance while handling a pool cue that gives you a positive outlook.

The Players HXT15 series of cues are built from durable and grey-stained birds-eye maple, in a bid to keep its design exceptionally unique. The ferrule on this cue is known as the HTX ferrule, and it turns every average player into a professional pool expert, allowing them to spin and shoot with extreme accuracy. This pool cue has a well-balanced point to ensure your games always go in your favor. If you’re ever doubtful about which cue to opt for, the Players HTX series should be your go-to without a thought.

  • Good finishing
  • High-quality hand-selected wood
  • HXT low-deflection ferrule
  • Irish Linen wrap
  • Used ten layers Pig Skin tip for accuracy
  • A little pricey
  • The shaft could be designed better
  • Too much emphasis placed on style

#2:  CUESOUL 57 inch


CUESOUL 57 inchFrom Players, we take a look at yet another excellent pool cue brand, Cuelsol. They launched their Cuesoul cue, a unique 57-inch unit popular amongst both beginners and professionals. This award-winning billiard cue is made to exude ultimate balance and features an Irish linen wrap within, included in the design to enhance durability and also increase performance.

In addition to this, the cue features a leather tip made from 6 different leather layers, baked together for top-notch quality. More so, it ensures all your shots are as accurate as they can be and  is adjustable, making it the best choice for all beginners who are now looking to learn the tips and tricks of pool. Besides this, it has a highly attractive design which appeals to many professional players around the world. All these robust features work together to deliver only the best in output for every player.

  • Affordable price
  • American Hardwood for durability
  • Exceptional performance
  • Got high impact leather tip
  • Used high-quality fiber ferrule
  • Construction could be more durable
  • Finishing could be better
  • Tip design should be improved

#3: AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches


AB Earth 2-Piece 58 InchesShow off your style in a way no one else can with the latest AB Earth pool cue in your arsenal. Why look like your grandfather when you can match up to the modern world with this beautiful cue by your side? The AB Earth isn’t boring, like many other models on the market; it is unique and beautiful in every sense of the word.

This is a pool cue that features an overall ergonomic build. This build ensures you have the perfect grip at all times and that all shots are made as comfortable as possible to enable you to enjoy every game you play. The AB Earth cue Is a two-piece cue that is made from durable Canadian maple, a hardwood that is known to withstand all kinds of pressure. More so, the cue features a hard tip, which makes shooting consistent and is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to express yourself via your game equipment any time you please.

Besides the robust maple design and colorful, durable tips, we love the decorations one can find on the AB Earth cue which are simple yet very unique. More so, the AB Earth cue is available in different weights, to appeal to both beginners and experts. You can choose among the weight varieties one that is comfortable for your play, and also choose from the extensive color and design ranges available.

  • Affordable
  • Complete kit for starters
  • Stylish
  • Varying weights available
  • Durable maple wood
  • Tip varieties
  • Contoured shape not very useful
  • Mass produced
  • Wood shaft is vulnerable to warp

More Best Pool Cues That Are Worth a Look

We found a few more exceptional pool cues, which we believe are just as outstanding. Indeed, they didn’t quite make the top three, but each one had good qualities we think are worth considering as you shop around.

#4: Viper Diamond 58″


Viper Diamond 58"The Viper Diamond pool cue is one of the best pool cues for every kind of pool player. It is truly the definition quality, right from the choice of materials to its intricate construction and design. This cue stands out from among the rest in the market, mainly because of its outlook. What’s more, the Viper Diamond cue is made from durable maple for strength and stability.

Some of the best features possessed by this pool cue include its linen linings, the ferrule made from plastic, and the most accurate tip construction. There’s so much you can gain from an investment in this pool cue, we assure you.

This cue doesn’t have a carrying case; thus, it might have to be purchased separately; besides, since it’s a two-piece unit, you can disassemble it and store it with ease anywhere you, please. Taking the parts apart is very easy and quick, and can be done in seconds.

#5: McDermott 42 inch


McDermott 42 inchThe McDermott is a 42-inch pool cue that has come onto the market to give competitors a run for their money. This cue is a one-piece unit that promises to make every game magical and professionally fun at the same time. It is the best option for all beginners, and can also be used by kids interested in learning all about pool.

This 42-inch pool cue is made by one of the best manufacturers in the world. McDermott had crafts every cue in their collection, after handpicking and seasoning the wood. To ensure your cue stays straight throughout its lifetime, the manufacturer seasons the wood for 18-24 months, rotating the cues up to 11 times. They believe in customization; thus, you are given a range of designs, colors, and weights to choose from to suit your preferences.

We recommend all McDermott products because they come with a lifetime warranty and the best customer service one will ever encounter.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before You Buy

Types of Pool Cues

Pool cues come in a variety of forms and types, with each one helping you excel at specific games. Despite the availability of different pool cues, a closer study by experts and pool enthusiasts exposes that many pool cues still possess similarities that make them easily recognizable. In this section, we look at the different types of cues, their similarities, and differences, and the best games they can help you with.

English cue: The English pool cue has a noticeable grain, thanks to the use of ash wood for its construction. This pool cue features a tip built for durability, with help from a small brass ferrule and grainy leather. Out of all types, the English cue is the thinnest and the only one with a little tip, which typically measures about 8-9 mm wide.

Snooker cue: The next pool cue is called the snooker cue. Like the English cue, this unit is made with ash wood; it has a broader tip, which measures 9-10 mm. The tip is constructed from leather to allow it to accommodate your cue ball at all times. The snooker cue features a ferrule made from stainless steel, and this delivers maximum strength for the unit throughout your play.

American cue: A typical American pool cue is different in build from the snooker and English cues. Firstly, it is made out of maple wood, making it the lightest of the bunch. Its tip measures 13-14 mm and is made from the best leather and supported by a ferrule made from thick plastic. Manufacturers use plastic because it gives the cue some shock-absorbing qualities for the large and heavy American cue balls.

Common Features of a Pool Cue

As stated earlier, the different types of pool cues come with unique and distinct features, but they also have a few similarities. The significant difference lies in the material chosen for construction as well as the width of their tips. For the similarities, the first one can be seen in the tip.

Typically, all cue tips are designed to be rough. The roughness is done to allow chalk to adhere to your tip well. The design of the tip also runs through for all cues. These tips are made with two significant pieces to allow for easy separation and unscrewing if you want to transport or store your cues after play.

How To Find The Right Pool Cue

Playing pool with the right cues is essential to enjoying the game. The various types exist for specific games, making them easier to play. Many pool experts and cue manufacturers mention that using the incorrect cue could lead to your loss of control while playing or damaging the cue itself. A typical example of the wrong usage of pool cue tips is using an English cue, which is thin and small in build to play on a large and heavy American pool ball.

What to consider before choosing a cue

  • Budget: You need to find the best pool cue without breaking the bank. Many pool players choose their tips and cues based on their pockets, which is a smart decision. When creating a budget for pool cues, consider the two-piece maple pool cues significantly, which offer you an immense consistency during your plays.
  • Skill level: How serious about pool are you as a player? This is a question you need to ask yourself before choosing a specific pool cue. If you’re new to pool and are now learning the tips and tricks, you will do well with any cue priced in the $100 range. Once you’re done learning and start partaking in tournaments and leagues, an upgrade will help you match your game.
  • Performance: This point refers to the cue and what you want it to do for your game. You might need very complicated cue technology if you’re a more serious player since such sophistication helps with your game. You can choose any traditional maple wood cue for your games if you’re not that much of a serious pool player.
  • Style: the style of your pool cue should fit with your personality to allow you to enjoy its use. There is always a debate about function over fashion and vice versa. To choose the ideal combination, you must consider the level of the player, and of course, your budget. Streamlining your choice according to skill, price, and performance level allows you to see the leading brands and models you can afford.

Essential Components of a Pool Cue

As a beginner, you may have no clue about all parts of the pool cue. The truth, however, is that knowing these parts allows you to understand how the cue works. Many people think that the cue has two parts when, in fact, it has numerous parts. In this section, we start from the top to the bottom of the cue, showing you what every part is meant to help with your game.

Tip: the very first and topmost part of the pool cue is the tip. This is the part of the cue responsible for striking the cue ball. It is typically 13 mm in size and made from leather for strength and durability. Tips come in varying hardness, with the hardest tips best for powerful hits. The softer tips are made to offer more control over your hit.

Ferrule: Next is the ferrule, which is directly beneath your cue tip. The purpose of the ferrule is to reinforce your tip and reduce any vibrations which might occur while you shoot. Most beginners don’t give a second thought to the ferrule, but experts and professionals know how vital its strength is to their game.

Shaft: If you’re using a two-piece cue, the shaft can be described as the top and longest half of your cue. Shafts are usually made from maple wood, with some exceptions being made using fiberglass and graphite. The shaft is constructed such that you maintain a consistent shot at all times, and that the cue can glide through your fingers without any disruptions.

Joint collar: The shaft of the cue and the butt of the cue are connected via the joint collar. The joint collar is a black entity with a silver ring. It might seem like a negligible part of the pool cue, but the joint collar is an essential aspect of every pool cue. It is responsible for providing stability and strength to your cue, whenever you’re shooting. If your joint collar is weak, you’re more likely to throw your shots off.

Joint pin: This is another aspect of the cue joint, which is just as vital. The joint pin is located at the bottom half of your cue. It is the top of the butt of your cue, and it aids inconsistent play. There are two types of pins, namely the Speed-Loc and Radial. The latter requires several turns for a better fit, making it the best pin to provide strength to your cue. The Speed-Lock joint pin only takes a few turns for a firm fit; thus, it’s not as strong as the Radial.

Butt collar: Below the joint pin, you will find the butt collar. It is made from varying materials and is responsible for the one-piece outlook of your cue. This is more evident when you’re using a two-piece cue. If you want your cue to look like a house cure, this butt collar is essential.

Forearm: After the butt collar comes the forearm. The forearm is built with wood and is considered by experts and manufacturers as the longest part of your cue’s bottom half. It is usually coated with a glossy covering to protect the cue from typical player abuse, storage issues, and the weather effects.

Wrap: below the forearm, typically in the middle of the butt of your cue sits the wrap. The wrap in a pool cue is designed to offer grip to pool players thus improving their game. Wraps are made from Irish linen, real leather, nylon, or imitation linen. Wraps aren’t found on all cues because some pool players prefer natural handles when using cues.

Butt sleeve: After the wrap comes to the butt sleeve. The wrap comes with overlay and inlays, much like the forearm of your pool cue, making it an extension of this design. There is an interchangeable weight bolt system found in every butt sleeve, and this system allows you to choose between a heavier or lighter cue.

Butt cap: The butt cap is the last but one part of a pool cue. This second to the previous piece of the cue exists as a part of the interchangeable weight bolt system and is also responsible for providing added strength to the cue.

Bumper: This is the last part of every pool cue. Made from rubber, the bumper helps your cue absorb the impact of your shot with every play. Another purpose of the bumper is to protect your cue from damage caused during your game.

Best Pool Cues FAQs

What’s the best cue for beginners?

If you’re a beginner in the pool, there’s no need for you to invest a lot of money in a pool cue. It’s best to start with a basic cue that offers you grip and play comfort. comfort is a personal matter; thus, you need to find a model that suits your personal preference.

How do I know a cue is right for me?

The best cues are those with great tips. Depending on how you play and the effect you’re going for, you might choose a softer tip over a harder one or vice versa. Test out both types of tips, to find the one that makes your play comfortable and last longer.

How do I maintain my pool table

Pool tables go through the most when they’re in use. From player’s abuse to pet attacks and even damage from the cue balls, there’s a lot of damage that pool tables are exposed to per game. To keep your table in an excellent state for longer, be sure to wipe it down after every use. For the cues, clean them after every game and inspect their tips now and then for damage.

Are there particular cues for women?

Women are free to make use of every pool cue, once it feels comfortable and it makes their games better. There are some manufacturers, however, who offer a female exclusive pool cue to women. They come in lovely feminine colors, are generally lighter in weight for easy handling. No rule separates women’s cues from that of men’s; thus, if you don’t feel comfortable with the exclusive women’s cues, you’re at liberty to look at other options.

How do I know I need a pool case?

Pool cue cases are for those who spend lots of their time outdoors, playing pool. Having a case helps prolong the lifespan of your cues, since the cases come with soft interior linings that protect your cues from scratches. Some cases are included with your purchase, while others are sold separately.

How We Picked the Best Pool Cues

Tip type

There is a wide range when it comes to the best cue tips for pool. The typical range is between 11 and 14 mm. With this as a guide, we sought out all pool cues with tips within the width range. The selected cues feature a mixture of soft and hard tips, to meet the needs of different pool playing groups.


The next factor we took a look at was weight. Players with little to no experience can play well with heavy cues of at least 20 ounces. As they gain more expertise, they can reduce the cue weight, choosing lighter cues for their games. In fact, this product featured in this article is for both beginners and experts. More so, there are 20-ounce cues, 19 ounces, and even 18-ounce cues. The last pool cue is loved by many professional pool players since it’s more comfortable and lighter to handle.

Wood type

Durability isn’t always paired with price. When it comes to pool cues, it is possible to purchase a durable cue at a low price, and this is possible when you study the wood types used. cues are made with different woods, and every wood comes with its properties and pricing. For reliable and less expensive cues, choose those made from maple wood if you want a more sophisticated wood or a cue with decorations, you should be prepared to spend some extra money.

One-piece vs. two-piece cue

For basic pool games and those home-based gaming sessions, you’re better off with a one-piece pool cue. For expert players who partake in competitions and tournaments, a two-piece cue will be ideal. For the two-piece unit, you get to pull it apart into two major parts, for easier storage.

Balance point

We considered the balance point of the different cues because we know how important balance is in every game. When your cue is perfectly balanced, it makes you feel like a professional pool player every time you play. We selected cues that offer an exceptional balance point for the benefit of players.