How a Ping Pong Table in the Office Can Transform Your Company

A successful workplace is the one where the work does not feel like a burden.

Where members trust and treat each other, just like a family. They understand one another and love to work together as a team.

As a result, the company thrives, attracts more clients, and sells more in the market.

Sadly, however, most workplaces lack these characteristics. All they care about is work, work, and more work. They try to grind their employees and get the most out of their work hours.

Consequently, all the employees care about in these workplaces are the paychecks, promotions, and work hours to be over.

Thankfully, there are many ways to improve such workplaces.

Today, we decided to share with you one such activity that can inspire teamwork and passion among your co-workers.

Don’t worry! it isn’t anything expensive or time-consuming. All you have to do is get a ping pong table for some entertainment during breaks!

This indoor sport has proven benefits both in workplaces as well as in our daily lives.

So, without further delay, let’s discuss how this game can transform our workplace.

Playing Ping Pong Builds Trust Among Colleagues

We are the creatures of association. We are capable of learning something from one place and apply it to different aspects of our lives.

Similarly, while playing indoor sports such as ping pong in doubles, we learn to depend upon our partner. We learn to take responsibility for our actions and trust the other person to do his best.

It Teaches Us to Embrace Mistakes

There is no doubt that the most successful companies are the ones who never stop learning from their mistakes.

While playing sports with our co-workers, we learn that it is better to work on our mistakes and weaknesses than to blame each other for failure.

We are more acceptable to critics and take failures as a way to improve ourselves.

These qualities not only help us in improving ourselves, but it also nourishes a dependable relationship among the team.

It Improves Productivity

The level of our fitness has a direct effect on our mood and productivity.

Physical exercises not only help us get stronger, but it also enhances our mental alertness and cognitive abilities.

According to research conducted by the University of Konstanz in Germany, ping pong and other such indoor games make a person feel younger than his/her true age, which in turn benefits the workplace and company.

By implementing the habit of playing table tennis during breaks, we get rid of our work-fatigue and feel more positive and productive.

We Learn to Value others

Table tennis is a game of respect and humbleness. It teaches us that success lies in improving yourself along with your teammate.

As a result, we not only focus on our improvement but also help others in reaching higher. We learn to value each other’s hurdles and help each other in getting past our obstacles.

Collectively, by improving each other day by day, we transform our teamwork to the next level.

We enjoy the pressure and see it as a challenge

In an indoor game, like table tennis, each serve represents the only time a player has full control over what is happening.

The rest of the game is chaotic, much like day-to-day work in a fast-moving company.

However, we learn to adore this pressure and see it as a challenge to reach our best as a team. Our mentality transforms from the eight-hour working grinders to the winners who never give up!

We Learn to Understand the People Around Us

The best way to know a person is when he is at his extreme emotions.

How a person behaves during, before, and after a game reflects his personality.

By playing a few games, you can judge whether a person is creative, strong-minded, or a slacker who needs motivation.

This helps us approach each other better during work and connect more deeply. Moreover, it can also help us assign work roles, which are best suitable for our personalities.

We Thrive Against the Competition

A company that possesses a workplace culture full of respect, honesty, and trust; is a creative warehouse. It thrives the best when its employees are comfortable with the environment.

An employee who loves his workplace loves his job, and ultimately, loves the company. He will do whatever he can to improve it. He will no longer worry about the tiresome work or any competition.

His focus will be on how to make this company more stable, so he can work here for longer and grow himself along with the company.

All the Leading CEOs Prioritize Their Fitness

Apart from an incredible determination to succeed, what else do all the top CEOs have common amongst them?

They all prioritize their fitness the most!

Nevertheless, in all that paperwork and meetings, making time for physical health is not an easy task for a CEO.

However, having a ping pong table in the office resolves this issue as well. You can easily squeeze in a game or two between meetings or paperwork.

Furthermore, playing table tennis with your employees shows them how down to earth you are. In return, they respect you more and find it easy to share their opinions regarding the improvement of your company.

All in all, whether you are a CEO or an employee, having a ping pong table in your workplace can do wonders. It brings the best out of your co-workers, makes them humble towards each other, and motivates them to do their best for the company.

For a CEO, such a workplace means better results and satisfaction.

For the employees, it provides an ideal environment to engage with each other and their boss. They no longer think of their office as a nerve-wracking building of slavery. They start enjoying their work and grow into more energetic, happier, and focused members than ever.

A company, which can provide such an environment to its employees, can outsell its competitors any day!

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