Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Review

You’ll certainly agree with us that as far as physical and mental workouts go, outdoor ping pong tables are the best choice if you are looking to stretch those muscles – irrespective of the weather. But, with so many brands, it can be hard finding the product that gives you the best value for your money.
Luckily, we have done all the hard work and picked out the best outdoor ping pong tables for you to consider. We’ve also included a detailed review of the pros and cons of each product.


Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis


A comparatively low-priced product for its features, this table is fit for any kind of outdoor space such as your porch, backyard, deck, or garage. Also, whether you are buying a table for the first time or need a quick game, it offers an uncomplicated assembly that will have you playing in 10-15 minutes. As for durability, thanks to its aluminum composite, the Stiga XTR will be your companion for a long time.


Joola Nova Outdoor Table


This product from the Olympic table tennis brand, Joola, is worth considering. It comes in two versions, the Nova DX Outdoor and Rally Outdoor, so you have the option to choose what style you like. It also has separate halves, for single-player mode and effortless storage. The Joola Nova Outdoor table also comes in tournament regulation size for beginners or amateurs looking for a professional game experience.


Cornilleau – 100S Crossover


The Cornilleau 100S Crossover Outdoor Table is a simple and durable option in Cornilleau’s Crossover range. It comes with anti-corrosion treatment, which prevents it from weather faults like warping. What’s more, using the Cornilleau 100S is a breeze, thanks to the galvanized steel legs that give it maximum stability. No doubt, it is a cheap option for those looking to enjoy outdoor ping pong on a budget.

With the top three products established, let’s take an in-depth look at each product, and two others, along with their design specifications. We will explore the pros and cons as well as everything else you need to know to make the best choice according to your preferences.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables 2020 – Top 5 Reviews

  1.   Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table – XTR and XTR Pro Indoor/Outdoor Review


Stiga XTR Series Table TennisThe Stiga XTR Series Table is fit for both indoor and outdoor tennis, but its real strength lies in its outdoor capabilities. No doubt, one of the drawbacks of outdoor ping pong tables is the thickness of the table, but this Stiga overcomes that flaw with a 6mm thickness that gives the table a good bounce.

Another defining feature here is its resistance to any kind of weather. This is thanks to the XTR and XTR Pro top that are made with an aluminum composite, ensuring long term durability. Even more, below, the legs of the table are made of 1.25-inch square steel legs, which insulate the table against rust.

Also, there’s the independent halves folding system, that  offers single and double player mode. What this means is that folding one half of the table puts the player in single-player mode – this system equally makes the XTR and XTR Pro easy to store, as both halves transform into a compact storage position.

Likewise, with the self-opening mechanism (that self-deploys the table’s legs during assembly and disassembly), it is just as easy to set up this product as it is to store. Additionally, the 3-inch wheels ensure smooth mobility and stability and the other part of its sturdy construction includes adjustable levelers for irregular surfaces, making it fit for any kind of outdoor space – deck, garage, porch, or backyard.

The XTR and XTR Pro also comes 90% preassembled, and full set up takes a few minutes. It further comes with a limited number of accessories (just a net). Still, this table is perfect for beginners and experienced players who are looking to enjoy the occasional game of ping pong in the comfort of their own space.


  1. Aluminum composite top
  2. 90% preassembled
  3. Self-opening mechanism
  4. Adjustable levelers
  5. Folding system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low-cost
  • Easy to disassemble and store
  • Simple and efficient mobility
  • Fit for any weather
  • Not fit for competitive players
  • Comes with limited accessories
  • High gloss table top creates glare

For those looking to purchase a high functioning ping pong table with excellent value at a low price, you will find the Stiga XTR and XTR Pro is the best product for your stringent preferences.

  2.   Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set Review


Joola Nova Outdoor TableThere is a high expectation for Joola products, given that it is the official brand of Olympic Table Tennis. The good news is that it does not disappoint with this product. Similar to the Stiga XTR, it overcame the unique outdoor table tennis problem using a 6mm aluminum top thickness and added a 40mm apron made to ensure its insulation against weather effects.

The Nova Outdoor Table offers a lot of the same features that make the Stiga XTR a great buy. But the defining feature is its regulation size, which makes this the perfect table of choice for professional trainers and those looking for Olympic regulation experience.

Out of the box, it takes just a few minutes to set up this product; all you have to do is attach the casters and legs, and you can start playing. The table equally comes in two halves, and both are fastened together with a robust waterproof net and it achieves high mobility and stability through locking wheels as well as adjustable leg levelers. It also has welded steel legs with 2-inch thickness, that not only ensure stability but keep the top from warping.

Additionally, the storing of the Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table is made easy thanks to its folded design and four sets of caster wheels on each half of the table, whilst the design further allows you to place the table in tight spaces while the wheels enable comfy transport. There is also a safety latch that locks each half of the table into place.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the Joola Nova ping pong table means getting a durable high functioning regulation size table at a fair price.


  1. Weatherproof table and net
  2. Caster wheels
  3. Two-piece design
  4. Tournament regulation size
  5. Anti-tilt locking system
  • Single-player mode
  • Easy storing system
  • Great for professional players
  • Sturdy steel legs
  • Independent halves
  • No playing accessories
  • Possible pinging sound due to thin top
  • Not suitable for indoor

If playing on a tournament fit table is a priority, you can’t do better than buying the Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table. You will be getting the quality of an international brand that has been in existence for more than six decades. 

  3.   Cornilleau – 100S Crossover Outdoor Table


Cornilleau – 100S CrossoverThe Cornilleau – 100S Crossover Outdoor Table is another excellent outdoor ping pong table that’s definitely worth your money. It is a predecessor to the much-celebrated Cornilleau Sport 500m and even though it is not the Sport 500m, it shares several of the qualities that make it one of ping pong table’s best buys.

Additionally, it has a 4mm resin laminate top, which keeps it weatherproof, but with the tradeoff of a low bounce. It also has a polyester net system equally resistant to weather impact. Other than that, it has several similar features to the Stiga XTR series and the NOVA.

One standout feature of the Cornilleau – 100S is the weight. Compared to other products, at 100 pounds, it is incredibly lightweight, thanks to its extremely simplified design. Its weight, combined with its Push’N Lock design, makes it very easy to move around and store.

Although it does not come with paddles and balls, it has a racket storage space on each side of the table. No doubt, it portrays attention to detail that makes it excellent value for money for those looking to play ping pong on a budget.

Even better, assembling the Cornilleau – 100S is as easy as your ABC’s. A small wrench and a screwdriver are all you need to attach the legs and supports, using the nuts and bolts that come in the box. It achieves stability via galvanized steel legs and 6” notched thread double-wheel casters designed for an efficient grip. Thanks to its simple design, this ping pong table is meant to be enjoyed with maximum ease.


  1. Galvanized steel frame and legs
  2. Paddle storage
  3. Water-resistant net and top
  4. Push ‘n’ lock design
  5. Double-wheel casters
  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Simple design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes in blue and grey
  • Duller bounce
  • Ultra-thin playing surface
  • No playing accessories

For those who find the Cornilleau Sport 500M out of reach, the Cornilleau – 100S is a cheap compromise that offers plenty of the quality that makes the 500M a popular choice.

  4.   Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review


Kettler Outdoor Table TennisThe Kettler brand has, over the years, earned a strong reputation for the quality of its sports equipment, and it strengthened that reputation with this outdoor ping pong table. The German brand designed this table tennis table to be all-inclusive, perfect for anyone who simply wants to unbox the table and play.

Additionally, the Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis shares many of the features that set this group of ping pong tables apart. It has caster wheels, single-player mode, foldable halves, and comes in regulation size. Even more, its standout feature is the True Tournament Bounce, achieved via a weatherproof design made up of six layers. It also has an ALU-TEC aluminum underside with a resin treated board, as well as two layers of coating with a UV Resistant Finish.

As a result, this ping pong table has about 22mm thickness, a feature uncommon among tables of this price range. Additionally, it comes with a Dual Level Safety Fold, designed to ensure a smooth and safe folding process.

So, if you want a table with all the playing accessories, the Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis comes with two Halo racquets and six-pack of balls. It also comes with a cover, as additional protection from harsh weather.


  1. True tournament casters
  2. Dual lever safety fold
  3. Single-player mode
  4. Regulation size
  5. Dual wheel casters
  • Regulation size
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent bounce
  • Comes with paddles and balls
  • UV Finish
  • No wheel locks
  • Poorly designed net system
  • Long and tedious assembly

 For those who want a high-performance table that doesn’t require an additional cost on playing accessories, this Kettler product is an excellent low-priced option.

  5.   Cornilleau – 250S Crossover Outdoor Table


Cornilleau – 250S CrossoverIf you are particular about the Cornilleau brand and the Cornilleau – 100S is an unacceptable compromise, the 250S Crossover Outdoor Table is worth a look if you can afford it. It is a near-perfect table for just under a thousand dollars, and one of the best options in its price range.

The Cornilleau – 250S is a sturdy work of art with a consistent bounce almost on par with an indoor table, despite having a 5mm thickness. Thanks to the resin laminated surface, the tabletop is certifiably weatherproof and also comes with a water-resistant polyester net system, with height and tension adjustments, which folds when it is in the storage position.

Speaking of storage, a combination of its lightweight, large double wheel casters with brakes and foldable halves makes it easy to store this table in compact spaces. Add to that, the dual-wheel casters, which also improve its mobility with the notched thread feature, ensuring they can roll on any surface.

However, it takes a minute to assemble the Cornilleau – 250S out of the box. Without any hiccup, it could take up to an hour to set it up, unlike the Stiga XTR series, which takes less than twenty minutes. Cornilleau does, however, make up for it with a central release handle feature that allows you to open and close the table with one hand.


  1. 8” double wheel casters
  2. Central release handle
  3. Weather resistant polyester net system
  4. Resin encapsulated steeled legs
  5. Adjustable leg pads
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Paddle and ball storage space
  • Limited glare
  • High-end quality for a moderate price
  • Consistent bounce
  • Lengthy assembly process
  • No corner padding
  • Not suitable for outdoors

If you are looking for a product with the quality of a high-end table, the Cornilleau – 250S Crossover Outdoor Table offers premium quality at an affordable price.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables – Buyer’s Guide

Is there a Difference Between Table Tennis and Ping Pong?

No, there is no difference between table tennis and ping pong. The different name for the same sport was down to trademark issues during the early days of the game’s invention. This division occurred back when the game was invented in Victorian England in the 1800s when it was no longer a casual game among the society’s upper class. At the time, it had different names, like Gossima, Whiff Whaff, Flim Flam, Ping Pong.

Ping Pong, which caught on and became the popular name of the game, was the sound the ball made in the early days of its invention. As the popularity of the game grew and its economic value became apparent, the English sports equipment maker, J.Jaques & Son Ltd in 1901, trademarked the Ping Pong name. By the 1920s, the sport’s global popularity resulted in the need for standardized rules for the game and the creation of an international association.

However, there was a dispute over the Ping Pong trademark, which was now held by the US toy and game manufacturer, Parker Brothers. As a result, the International Table Tennis Federation had to create a generic name, Table Tennis, for the sport in 1926.

The usage of either name is usually dependent on the people involved. Competitive players who participate in official tournaments tend to stick to its official name while casual players use ping pong, the original name for the recreational game.

Features to Look Out For in an Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Once you have decided to buy an outdoor table tennis table, the primary task becomes finding the right table amidst hundreds of options. Knowing the features to look out based on your needs can help you streamline your choices and keeps you from getting overwhelmed. When picking out an outdoor table tennis table, the features you should look out for are thickness, frame/undercarriage, storage, assembly, locking mechanisms, and net system. Here’s a closer look at all the above.

Playing surface (thickness)

A table with the right thickness will give true and consistent bounce all over the table, which is necessary to enjoy a game of table tennis. Although table tennis tables have different play surfaces, the most common for outdoor table tennis tables is the aluminum play surface. The aluminum play surface is resistant to outdoor weather effects like moisture and temperature extremes, which a wooden surface cannot handle. The tradeoff is, they are thinner and, thus, have poorer bounce, nevertheless, the good news is unless you are a competitive player, this is hardly noticeable.

Usually, for the best bounce, you need a thickness of between 22mm and 25mm, while 16-19mm is fine. But you will hardly find outdoor tables with this kind of thickness, especially at the low and middle range. If you are looking to buy, invest in tables with the closest thickness to the optimal level, keep it in mind that thinner tables can still do the job.

Frame or undercarriage

The frame of an outdoor table tennis table is a critical factor for its durability and safety level. The frame or under-carriage holds up the table, and in some cases, provides the mobility of the table. In terms of playability and safety, sturdiness is the number quality you should look out for in a table.

For example, a table made of aluminum or galvanized tubing will lose its sturdiness over time and quickly become a safety hazard. Table tennis tables with this kind of frame or undercarriage are usually in the low-end range. As such, they are not advisable if durability is your priority.

You should, thus, focus on tables with heavy steel tubing with square or oval legs. They are most likely to last and present a minimal safety risk. They also tend to come with a transport system, such as caster wheels, which make it easy to move the table around.

Storage ease

Even though they are outdoor tables and are supposed to spend the majority of their time outside, you still need to store your table tennis table for durability. You need to do this either for maintenance or moving it from one place to another. Therefore, you want to pick out tennis tables with foldable halves. Outdoor table tennis tables with foldable halves allow you to store the table compactly. Also, folded tables are less likely to tip over, reducing the safety risk.

Additionally, when considering tables with foldable halves, be on the lookout for table tennis tables with an efficient folding system. For instance, not every ping pong table has a locking system that keeps the folded halves in place, and not all of them can be folded in one attempt or by one person. Just keep it in mind that a folded table is more comfortable to move around and set up whenever you need it.

Assembly time

Most outdoor table tennis tables require some assembly. Depending on the brand and product, the assembly could be a simple affair, like when it comes to the Stiga XTR and XTR Pro, which is 95% assembled out of the box and takes 10-15 minutes to put together. Some take longer and might get complicated, especially if you are not familiar with their engineering.

Also, when you are looking for a table, look out for how much of the assembly you have to do. Also, check if you have the tools for it and if it comes with instructions. If you cannot handle assembly yourself, consider getting a table that requires little assembly. You can also ask if the seller will provide a technician to set it up for you.

Locking mechanisms

A feature that is not as common among outdoor table tennis tables but can be very useful is the locking mechanism. They are used to prevent accidental openings when the table is in storage mode or closing while it is in you and the lock keeps the table in place, in whatever shape it is in.

This mechanism has durability and safety advantages. In terms of durability, it protects the table from sudden movements that can damage the integrity of the playing surface or its legs. Safety-wise, sudden movement while playing can be harmful. Also, accidental openings while in storage mode could also injure children or unwitting adults.

This feature is mostly unique to Kettler tables. Most other major brands tend to settle for a safety latch system, which, to be fair, does a good job too.

Net and post system

Just as the playing surface is an integral part of a table’s playability, so is the net. Depending on the quality, tables have a different post and net system. We have a retractable net system, clip-on nets, and professional clamp nets. Each one of them has its own benefits, but if you are getting an outdoor table tennis table, you should look for one with an integrated post system.

Additionally, the integrated post system is a net and post system attached to the frame of the table, allowing the net to be deployed and made ready for play in a few seconds. This system can help extend the life of your net, as constant removal and reattachment can affect its integrity.

When considering the post and net, you should also make sure that there is a means of keeping the net firm through an adjustable mechanism.

True playback feature

The competitive state of the outdoor table tennis table market means plenty of brands come with foldable halves. While this feature lends itself to storage and mobility benefits, there is another – single-player mode. Folding up one side of the table can transform it into a bounce-back surface for solo play.

But not every foldable table is suitable for this mode, some tables leave little to zero space in between the tables when one of the sides is up while others leave a significant gap. This gap is disadvantageous to solo play as it forces the player to hit the ball harder to avoid it dropping through the hole. Gapless tables give you a more realistic playback, i.e., True Playback.

So, when you are searching for a table, especially if you intend to spend a lot of time playing on your own to improve your skills, make sure the table has a true playback feature.

Other features worth considering include:

  • Bats storage – some tables come with storage space on the side of the table for you to keep your paddle and balls.
  • Cover – although outdoor table tennis tables can withstand any weather effect, a cover can be a valuable feature in ensuring their durability.
  • Brand – table tennis brands like Stiga, Kettler, Cornilleau, and Joola are great options to consider when you are looking for an outdoor table tennis table. Though they can be a little more expensive than lesser-known brands, you are sure of getting high quality for your money’s worth.

Pros of Having an Outdoor Table

Although table tennis is primarily an indoor sport, there has been a rise in the popularity of outdoor tables. This is down to some of the advantages outdoor tables tennis has over its indoor version. Here are some of them.

Outdoor tables offer flexibility

For all the playability advantages of indoor table tennis tables, they lack the flexibility that makes outdoor tables an attractive option. An indoor table is made out of wooden material, which is susceptible to warping and other weather effects. Outdoor ping pong tables, on the other hand, are made of aluminum and can withstand and thrive in outdoor conditions, overcoming all kinds of weather effects.

Additionally, outdoor tables offer mobility and flexibility that allows you to use it on any surface. Thanks to features like adjustable levelers and notched threaded caster wheels, they are built to play on a variety of surfaces, from a porch, backyard, garage, grass, or concrete, irrespective of the surface’s smoothness.

Outdoor tables offer a lot more room to play

Another significant advantage of an outdoor table tennis table is playing space. Ping pong, especially when it gets competitive and the speed of play is high, needs a lot of room for players to move and return a serve. Unless you can afford large dedicated spaces or you are playing in an official tournament, there is a limited number of indoor spaces that can cater to this need.

This is where outdoor tables excel, by taking advantage of available open spaces behind or around the table for a better game experience. But this is just one of the space-related benefits of outdoor table tennis tables.

Better for social gathering

Ping pong or table tennis remains one of the best party games and open space is the best way to combine the needs of both elements. Whether it is a party or a recreational park, an outdoor table is better suited to accommodate the flurry of people who are there to watch, cheer you on, or wait their turn.

The original purpose of the ping pong table, as a socialization tool, is better achieved when it is outside for friends and strangers to access easily. Whether it is your family or group of friends, everyone has more fun when they are playing ping pong outside. When you are tired of playing, an outdoor table can also double as a party station for alcohol and food.

As a tool of social cohesion, outdoor tables are more suited for energizing local communities and bringing people together. All over the world, from London to China, plenty of outdoor table tennis parks have been created to take advantage of this benefit.

Low maintenance cost

Another advantage of outdoor tables is their maintenance cost. Although getting a quality table might be slightly expensive, they are more durable. They require little expense when it comes to maintenance. Thanks to the materials and design that go into designing an outdoor table, they are far more durable and can be maintained with basic household tools.

Outdoor tables offer better lighting

Indoor tables require artificial light, and no matter how great they are, they are not as perfect as playing in natural light outdoors. This is another advantage of outdoor tables that make them a worthy investment. On a beautiful sunny day, it is better to roll out your table and enjoy a game or two. Since outdoor tables are flexible, come night time, you can roll them back in and enjoy another round of matches. That’s to say, with outdoor tables, you can enjoy the benefits of playing indoors without losing the lighting advantages of playing outside.


What’s the Difference Between an Indoor and Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

The only real difference between an indoor table and an outdoor ping pong table is the material both tables are made from. An indoor table is made out of solid wood, while an outdoor table is usually a mixture of metal and wood. Outdoor tables also have coatings that prevent damage from the sun, rain, and wind.

This difference in material leads to a difference in ball bounce on both playing surfaces. Indoor tables have a better and more consistent bounce. Outdoor tables, however, because the metal/wood surface absorbs the energy of the ball, has a comparatively lower bounce.

Another difference is the frame, although both table types have it, outdoor tables tend to have sturdier frames because they are for rougher terrains. Indoor tables, on the other hand, are usually used on smooth surfaces. These differences also mean that outdoor tables are costlier than indoor tables, because of the increased need for materials capable of withstanding a higher amount of pressure.

How Much is a Good Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

The cost of buying a good outdoor table tennis table depends on how you define good. An outdoor table can cost anything as low as $200 and as high as $1500. In each range, there is a significant difference in the quality and features of the table.

$200 – $400: This is the cheap range, and unless you are not concerned with durability, you are better off investing in mid-range products. Not only are they not durable, but the bounce of the ball is often quite terrible.

$400 – $600: In the mid-range category, you are likely to find plenty of decent outdoor table tennis tables, especially from reliable brands like Stiga and Joola. Tables in this category tend to have better bounce, more useful features and are a lot more durable.

$600 – $1500: A little over $600, you will find plenty of products at the higher end of mid-range products. Brands like Cornilleau, Stiga, Kettler, and Joola have products that cost more than the average but are quite affordable with plenty of value to be gained. For many of them, you will enjoy high-end qualities at a mid-range price. If you are looking for a luxury outdoor table tennis table, a good one could cost north of $1500 and well into a few thousand bucks.

Are Stiga Ping Pong Tables Good?

Stiga has earned a reputation for producing some of the best tables on the market since it began making ping pong tables in the late 1930s. The company has a wide range of tables, from the Master Series to Eurotek and the STS series. The company’s products are for all types of table tennis players – beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

Also, the company is better known for its indoor tables, like the Stiga Advantage and the Stiga InstaPlay. But it also has excellent outdoor tables like the Stiga XTR and XTR Pro table.

Overall, regardless of your skill level or your needs, Stiga ping pong tables are some of the best ping pong tables on the market.

Which is better, Stiga, or Joola?

Both Stiga and Joola offer some of the best table tennis products on the market, so it is difficult to determine which is the better option. Both manufacturers offer a vast range of products that cater to all skill and economic levels. This business strategy has made them two of the most renowned table tennis brands in the world.

If you are in the market for a table, and you are having trouble picking out a brand, you should compare each model and select one that best fits your preferences.

How Do I Clean My Ping Pong Table?

Regardless of the material of a ping pong table, the trick to durability and protecting your investment is proper cleaning. The process of cleaning your table depends on the kind of cleaning your table needs.

Regular Cleaning – If you are just looking to get rid of simple stains like dust, you will need a sponge or a clean cloth and some warm water. Once you have both, use the sponge or dry cloth to dust off any lingering dirt or dust on the surface. After doing that, soak the sponge or cloth in warm water, remove it and make sure it has just a bit of water. After, wipe the surface with the sponge or damp cloth.

Hard Cleaning – For a deep clean to get rid of tougher stains such as alcohol and accumulated dirt, you will need a cleaning agent, like vinegar and a clean cloth. Remove all the loose dirt from the surface with the fabric and prepare a solution of water and vinegar. Both water and vinegar should be of equal volume. Dip the cloth in the solution and squeeze out the excess water until you have a damp cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the table’s surface.

If you prefer using a specialized cleaning agent, you can opt for the Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner or the Butterfly Table Tennis Table Cleaner. As for the frame and undercarriage of the table, you can use a WD40 to lubricate it and other moving parts.

How Frequently Should I Clean It?

There is no standardized amount of time for you to clean your ping pong table. How often your table needs cleaning depends on how often you use the table and what you use it for. If you place your ping pong table in a dusty environment, the table should undergo regular cleaning at least twice a week. In a cleaner environment, and you play on it regularly, you can clean it once a week.

However, if your table gets seriously dirty after a significant event, like a party, you should endeavor to clean it out immediately.

What is the Standard Size Table Tennis Table?

The standard size of a table tennis table is 9 feet (274 cm) in length, 5 feet (152.5cm) in width and has a height of 2.49 (76cm) feet. This is the official size according to the regulations of the International Table Tennis Federation, the body in charge of the game’s rules.

A standard size table tennis table also has a net with a height of 15.25cm above the playing surface, splitting the table into two equal parts. The table must also have markings of 2cm on the side and end line with the centerline, which is for doubles, at 3mm.

Do They Come in Different Sizes?

Because the regulation size table is the most common table size, many people assume a ping pong table comes only in one dimension. However, there are other sizes, designed based on their intended users and their playing style or space. Beyond the regulation size, there are no official dimensions, and the manufacturer determines each size.

Smaller tables are called mini ping pong tables, and we have sizes like 3/4th, 2/3th, or less of a regular ping pong table. A 3/4th table is close to a regular-sized table tennis table but better suited for a smaller space. A 2/3rd table is better suited for children and as a family table. Sizes below that are for players who want portable tables they can travel with.

What’s the Best thickness for a Table Tennis Table?

There is no official thickness size, but the International Table Tennis Federation rules require a table to produce a uniform bounce of 26cm when a ball is dropped on the table from a height of 30cm. For most tables to achieve that bounce, the table must have a thickness between 22mm and 25mm. International tournament tables are played on tables with 25mm.

Most quality indoor tables meet that requirement while few outdoor tables do by their design. The best and most ideal thickness for you depends on your needs.

Recreational Use – If you are buying a ping pong table for recreational use, a table with a 10mm to 15mm is good enough.

Amateur/Intermediate Player – for moderately skilled players looking to improve their skills, a thickness of 16mm to 20mm is an excellent choice. You will get a better bounce than recreational tables but not so high enough that you lose control of the ball.

Professional – training for a tournament or looking to keep your skills at the elite level? Then you are better off getting a table with a 20mm to 25mm, keeping you in line with competition standards.

How Durable Are They?

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor ping pong table, durability depends on a combination of factors, such as the quality of the product and how well you maintain it. An adequately maintained quality product can last several years, with regular use.

Outdoor table tennis tables, by default, are more durable than their indoor versions because they are designed to last longer in adverse conditions. However, that does not make them immune to damage. Regular users will have to make sure they are properly maintained, like regularly cleaning out the surface with soft cleaning agents and lubricating the moving parts.

Indoor or Outdoor, the durability of a table also depends on the quality of the table. If you plan on getting a ping pong table that lasts for years, you should stay away from cheap products. They are cheap because they are made with inexpensive materials, which do not last. Focus on mid-range to high-end products if durability is a priority.

Final Verdict

Table tennis is one of the few games in the world that provide as much physical and mental workout while having fun. And outdoor table tennis tables are a great way to enjoy it. Although it is comparatively more expensive, an outdoor ping pong table is free from the spatial limitations of indoor tables. It is also better suited to catering to family fun and social activities.

This is why the Stiga XTR Series Tables Tennis Table – XTR and XTR Pro Indoor/Outdoor table is your best choice. It is an affordable option with excellent value for money, thanks to several of its high-quality features. It is easy to store, durable, and offers plenty of playability for family fun or recreational play. It comes 95% preassembled, and in just 15 minutes of setup, you and your family can start to enjoy the great game of ping pong.