Best Table Tennis Net Review

Many professional table tennis players are aware that the net is one of the most important features of the game. So, to save you the stress of researching the best nets out there, we have narrowed down the selection to 5 of most impressive table tennis nets on the market.


STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation

STIGA Premium Clipper 72”

  • Easy installation
  • Spring activated clip
  • Premium cotton blend mate

Comesee Kioos Collapsible

Comesee Kioos Collapsible

  • Heavy-duty steel post
  • Portable tension-adjustable post
  • Easy DIY setup

JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof 72”

JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof 72”

  • Tournament-ready net post
  • Weather-proof plastic poles
  • Adjustable height and tension capability

STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation is our Top Pick

For table tennis enthusiasts, it’s more than just a game, it’s a whole experience, and we can relate to that because it was one of the factors we were looking out for when searching for the best table tennis nets. What surprised us about the STIGA Premium Clipper was how many professional and recreational players swore by its reliability. Its ratings were over the charts and there’s just no competing with it when it comes to ease of use, durability, and tension adjustability.

When we asked tennis players what made them stick with STIGA, they confidently said it was the experience, ‘playing with a net that practically resembles the professional nets used at tournaments’. So it was clear that the STIGA net stood out for being the closest to the real deal.

However, it wasn’t just it’s incredible similarities to the professional nets used at tournaments that caught the eye of many tennis players, it was equally the superior quality net material which is made with a premium polyester and cotton blend. One Amazon customer who was so pleased with how the net retained a nice bounce to it, said it changed the game for him and his colleagues. Plus, the installation was quite straightforward, with sturdy posts that actually stay fixated to the table, making both setup and ‘play-time’ a complete joy.

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  • STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation
  • Comesee Kioos Collapsible
  • JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof 72”
  • JOOLA WM Professional
  • Comesee Professional

#1: STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation


STIGA Premium Clipper 72” RegulationIf you’re looking for a premium quality net, then the STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation Net and Post Set comes highly recommended. Yes, it might be pricey, but that extra cost is backed up with an incredible regulation-size table that offers tournament-level performance. The net itself is made from a polyester and cotton blend that stays soft yet very taut, so there’s no concern about powerful serves tearing or damaging the net.

Plus, that annoying ‘hit and fall’ playability many have grown to expect from standard nets is prevented thanks to the tautness of the net. Players can expect a nice rebound for netted shots, which makes the game less of a bore and more intense, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Then there’s the precise tension adjustment that allows the game to go on without repeatedly having to adjust the net to precision. This tautness is what allows the post to stand firmly on the table over time, maintaining great tension levels, and consequently guaranteeing enjoyable continuity throughout the game. What makes the tension precision adjustment system so superior? It’s the ingenious string that’s incorporated from the bottom to the top of the net, connecting both ends to a sturdy chain that locks unto the post, delivering superior and long-lasting tension.

  • Heavy-duty steel posts
  • Premium cotton blend net
  • Superior, long-lasting tension
  • Spring-activated clip
  • Includes regulation measuring tool
  • USSAT-approved
  • Guarantees rebound for netted shots
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Instructions are reportedly unspecific
  • Net has no height adjustment

#2: Comesee Kioos Collapsible


Comesee Kioos CollapsibleIn table tennis, it’s all about net quality; the game can’t be enjoyed with a poor net that’s either not sturdily installed, or simply getting in the way of a steady back and forth game. With the Comesee Kioos Collapsible Net, you can expect a superior tournament quality net with heavy-duty steel poles to keep the net conveniently grounded. Competitive games like table tennis require sturdy tables, but even more, a reliable net and post system that functionally works. We saw that in the Comesee net, which spans 72” long and is made with a cotton and nylon mesh blend. During games, the post was sturdy and seemed quite durable, and the net delivered the much-expected bounce.

Also, the clip that connects the net to the table is equally sturdy, held together by a strong stainless steel pin, the clip connects firmly to the table without compromising the stance of the net and post. There’s also a grooved cap that allows the top string of the net to run from top to bottom, connecting both ends to the hook, which in turn, ensures maximum tension allowing the net and post to stay upright and sturdy throughout the game.

In addition to all it’s reliable and sturdy qualities, it’s equally very easy to set up and fold this net post for storage. Some users may have concerns about the material on the net weathering when left out for too long, that’s why this net has been made relatively easy to set up and take down. If it’s an enjoyable game you’re looking for, then this net and post system is sure to guarantee that.

  • 72” Premium cotton blend
  • Easy setup and removal
  • Precise tension adjustment
  • Fits regulation size tables
  • Sturdy spring-activated clip
  • Includes height measuring tool
  • Suitable for competitions
  • Net reportedly sags a bit
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Instructions are a bit confusing

#3: JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof 72”


JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof 72”For tennis players who want a net that will stand the test of time, you might want to consider the Joola Outdoor Weatherproof 72” Net. The Joola brand is already known for manufacturing everything table tennis enthusiasts need to get their game on. Products from rackets, to balls, apparel, and tables, Joola has it all. Plus, it’s not just random products they offer, Joola is known for quality table-tennis products that are durable, unique, and very functional. No doubt, the brand has made a name for itself as one of the leading Table Tennis product brands in and out of the US.

It’s only normal that when many decide to shop for table tennis equipment, they’ll look to Joola. Beyond its exceptional quality and functionality, there’s also affordability, no one likes to pass up a good deal, and that is exactly what this brand offers; value for money. Whether you’re a beginner, occasional player or trainer, this is one net and post system that stays in place and is made of materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

That means whether the table is set up indoors or outdoors, you’re still assured that it won’t wear or tear anytime soon.

  • Weather-proof plastic posts
  • High-quality Nylon net mesh
  • Adjustable height
  • Tension capability
  • Easy to set up
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Not so stable
  • Overall design could be improved for better stability
  • Some users complained that it doesn’t fit the Joola outdoor table

More Best Table Tennis Nets That Are Worth a Look

We found a few more table tennis nets that didn’t quite make the top three but had enough good qualities that we think are worth considering as you shop around.

#4: JOOLA WM Professional


JOOLA WM ProfessionalThe Joola WM Professional Net is definitely one to reckon with, thanks to the screw-clamp system, it is an obvious top choice for trainees and professional players. It has satisfied professional testing requirements and is equally authorized by the ITTF. That means this sturdy clamp net can be used during tournaments, in the Olympics or World Championships, you name it. Additionally, it comes with two heavy-duty metal poles, a net with tension and height adjustments alongside a screw that can be hand-fastened unto the table. What’s more, the net’s design is quite spectacular, featuring a cotton material double-woven with steel thread for extra longevity.

Furthermore, the net and post set measures 72” long and can fit onto tennis tables that are 1.5” thick, and is compatible with JOOLA tables and other brand tables that match the specifications. It’s easy to set up and won’t take long minutes to get everything fully installed. After the net is set up, there’s a height and tension adjustment system; the chain and the ball, that can be adjusted to precision before the game begins. The JOOLA WM Table Tennis Net comes with all the features and accessories to ensure it meets the standards associated with professional ping pong. It definitely guarantees an all-round precision, and an enjoyable game as well.

#5: Comesee Professional


Comesee ProfessionalWhen it comes to net and post screw clamps, they are unarguably the best, however, their price tags can be quite on the high side as well. Not the Comesee Professional Table Tennis Screw Clamp Net and Post Set, it’s relatively more affordable and doesn’t compromise on its quality either. It’s a 72” net set made with a fine cotton-blend that promises durability, and a good rebound as well. For an optimal experience and a professional-level game, the net has been made to offer maximum bounce when the ball hits the net. Furthermore, the poles are made from durable metal, but what’s even better is the rubber inserts that prevent the heavy-duty metal from scraping or damaging the table, the pre-installed rubber pads equally ensure a secure, slip-resistant fit on the table.

In addition to that, once it’s set up on the table, there’s the guarantee that it will remain taut and stable throughout play-time. No doubt, the stability it guarantees makes it a great choice for beginners learning the ropes, trainers who are planning to go pro and even professional players involved in tournament-level competitions. And thanks to the included height and tension adjustments, the Comesee net and post system is one of the most reliable, budget-friendly, tournament-level sets on the market.

Buying Guide And FAQs

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Wherever table tennis is played, outside, in parties, in the office, or in the playroom at home, the net and post system has to be sturdy enough to accommodate the energy of the game. So, when you’re looking for the best table tennis net, it’s not just about the materials or the durability, there is so much more involved in getting it right, and those important features will be broken down below.

Types of Table Tennis Nets

Beyond the material used to make the actual nets, they are classified by the type of mechanism that attaches the entire net to the table. These different mechanisms determine how easily or sturdily the unit will clip to the table, and equally serve a range of functions depending on what the user is looking for. In more detail, one mechanism may serve a professional player better, or at least make more sense, than when used by a recreational player. Without further ado, the main types of table tennis nets will be explained below.

Retractable nets: After a good game of ping pong or table tennis, most users would want to put their nets away to prevent weathering. However, thanks to the design of these nets, it easily rolls into a compact form after use, making it easy to store. These nets are usually more affordable and are a great choice for recreational players who are looking for something on a budget. Many might refer to retractable nets as more low-budget options, but that depends more on the brand than simply on the type of unit.

The question is, how do these nets work, and how does the design ease the stress of storing them after use? Well, the two cylinders that hold each side’s edge together easily retract when removed from the table. There’s usually a release mechanism that helps users easily pull out the net for set up, and the same system helps the net retract compactly for easy storage.

These rollable nets can be extended up to 2 meters, which is great for recreational players who don’t have an actual ping pong table and have probably converted an old coffee table to a tennis table. It’s equally an excellent choice for players who prefer the ease of setting up the table and storing the accessories conveniently after a good number of rounds.

Clip-on Nets: This kind of table tennis net comes with a net and post system that connects to the table via a sturdy clip, as the name implies. No doubt, this type is very common among table tennis players and possibly the most popular choice for both recreational players and trainers. The reason is this, it’s quite easy to fix on and take off with ease at the beginning and end of the game respectively. People prefer this net-type because of how reliably the clips hold could be on the table,

Plus, if after some months, the first net gets worn out or a little torn, as is expected, it’s easier to find replacement nets that could easily be connected to the clip, instead of purchasing the whole net and post system again.

Adjusting these types of nets isn’t impossible, most clip systems can be adjusted to improve tautness and sometimes even height, but can’t be compared to the height and tension adjusting features a clamp or a screw net and post system would offer. They are also strong enough to hold two tables together for DIY enthusiasts that may not have the regular table tennis table, but they might not be as stable since it’s a clip keeping the net upright. It’s also possible that clip-on nets could end up leaving marks on the table used for the sport, which is not a problem if the table is solely for recreational or training purposes.

Clamp and screw net and post sets: For a more competitive game of table tennis, a certain level of stability and sturdiness is required, and while retractable nets and clip-on nets get the job done, they are not as stable as the real deal. In fact, clamp post sets are what the ITTF expects and recommends for professional tournaments, because of the guarantee of stability.

Since there can’t be any foul play or excuses during the game, only a system that ensures incredible stability can be allowed for professional competitions and tournaments. Most trainers with an actual tennis table prefer the clamp nets because of the security and stability it guarantees, plus, a stable net will ensure the ball bounces off the net and doesn’t get compromised because it moved or tilted during the game.

Recreational players who would like this same level of stability can equally invest in clamp-on or screw nets. However, as expected, it’s more challenging to set up compared to clip-on or retractable nets. This fact holds true since more tools are required to install the clamp on the table, and each screw must be securely fixated to the table to ensure optimal stability.

The advantage with clamp or screw nets are the height and tension adjusters that usually accompany each net and post-unit. These work well to keep the net upright and straight while ensuring there’s no overlapping or sag in the middle.

Professional specifications for net and post units

Just like any competitive sport or even recreational game, there are rules that are to be strictly adhered to. The International Table Tennis Federation equally has a set of rules guiding the game, some of which include which net to use and how it should be set up to satisfy certain international standards. You may be wondering why this is important for recreational players who are just looking for a good time, well, it is important if players honestly want to enjoy a competitive and smooth-running game.

Nothing sucks more than the ball constantly hitting the net, or being compromised because it was hit by a net that shifted. So, these guidelines could help both recreational, intermediate, and professional players who are not just looking to play a mediocre game, but a tournament-level, highly competitive, and enjoyable game of table tennis.

Uniform Height: For a fair game of ping pong, the net has to be the same level from end to end, this ensures that the net is straight and uniform as opposed to crooked or un-leveled. For even more precision, the net should stand at a leveled height of 6 inches. This uniformity ensures that the ball has equal and fair chances of making it over regardless of what end it’s served through; middle, extreme left, or right.

Taut length: The nets posts need to be straight and stable to ensure there’s no tilting, leaning, or wavering during the game, elements such as wind shouldn’t be able to rock the net if it’s firmly and securely in place. According to the ITTF regulations, the net should stand up to 6 feet in length, to stably cover the width of the playing surface, and equally be 6 feet on the other side, to prevent any overhang or sagging in the middle.

Cord attachments: On all four corners of the net, there should be cords in place to hold it together around the posts. This arrangement allows most of the weight of the net to be carried at the top, allowing the weight to somewhat push the base of the net closer to the surface of the table.

Color: The color of the net is more important for professional or tournament-level games, but it could explain why some nets could be colored differently, but usually have a white strap at the top of the net, that is usually not longer than 15mm. Regarding the colors for professional games, the net is usually dark green, black, or dark blue.

How to Install a clip-on table tennis net

Clip-on nets are usually the most popular choice for recreational players, this is because they are affordable, have a pretty decent stance, and are easy to set up as well. Not all brands have clear instructions on how to set up table tennis nets and posts, so here are some straight forward tips to set up any clip-on table tennis net.

  • Start by picking up the clip, open it, and ensure the pole is facing up, then fix the clip on the table.
  • Go on to remove the net first, and roll it out slowly.
  • There is usually a smaller long steel or rubber pole included inside the clip or with other accessories, pull it out.
  • Slide that metal pole included in the package into the sides of the net, this will keep the edges straight. These metal poles are usually connected to the metal clip.
  • Once the smaller pole is at the side of the net, you’ll see a slim opening on the bigger pole you extended from the clip.
  • Go on to slip the smaller pole in while holding the net carefully at the bottom, ensuring the net passes smoothly through the opening.
  • Do the same thing on the other side, then place the tension adjusting spring in the hook or button hole that is provided on the body of the extended metal pole.
  • Most tennis table net and pole units usually come with a measuring tool that ensures the net is up to 6-inches and is leveled on all sides.

Important features to consider when purchasing a table tennis net

People use table tennis tables for various reasons, either recreational, training, or for tournament/competition level games. They are used at parties, installed in offices for a little fun during break time, bought by families who have space and the drive to play regularly, and much more.

The type of net you buy will largely depend on personal preferences and choice, however, we’ll offer some helpful tips to purchasing the right one, with the right features. These tips will help guide your purchase while ensuring that the final decision made on a certain product is the right one for you.

Ease of assembly: As we have explained above, there are different types of table tennis nets, and they are classified according to how they are installed. However, what’s generally required for installation include an upright post, a system to attach the net to the table (clamps or screws, clips) height adjusters, and a horizontal part.

Users who would prefer the table to be set up for longer periods, (maybe in the playroom or in the backyard,) this might not be a big deal for them, but for others who would prefer to take down the net after use, you can keep reading.

Some nets take less than a minute to pull down after a nice game or two, retractable nets are what most people look at first, especially if they are using a random table to play. They are very convenient, and simply have to be rolled out to the span of the table and then firmly connected. When taking them down, simply disconnect both sides from the table, and then it rolls back into form.

The next option would be clip-on nets, it’s slightly more challenging than retractable nets, but it still won’t take more than 5 minutes to set up and takedown. Without taking off the clips, the net can be detached by taking out the smaller pole connected to the net from the extended upright pole, then folding the net back into storage. The clip can then be removed and stored in a dry safe place to prevent weathering, especially if the table is stationed outdoors.

Height adjusters: All table tennis nets need a system that will keep the net upright and straight from one edge and along the table’s surface to the other edge. These height adjusters are usually a must-have for tournament players but are equally important if you really want to enjoy a fun game of ping pong.

Tension adjusters: No matter how long you’ve been playing table tennis, here’s a fact, the ball is bound to hit the net every now and then. Tension adjusters ensure there’s no sag on the net, and when the net clips the ball, there’s more of a rebound and not a simple fall off, so the game can continue smoothly.

Most quality nets come with a string attached to the sides of the net, these strings allow the players to pull/adjust the net at any point in the game if any sag or other discrepancies are observed.

Weather Proof: For tables that are set up outdoors, you’d want to ensure the net and post system is made of weather-proof materials, this ensures that there’d be no rusting of the metal poles, and in return, damaging of both the poles and the net. Some nets are made for the great outdoors, like the JOOLA Outdoors Weather-Proof 72” Net and Post Unit, as opposed to being made of metal poles, with a clamp system that is equally protected by plastic ends.

If the table is going to be left out throughout the summer, or even all year long, then the net’s unit has to be made with materials that can withstand extreme heat, rain, UV rays, and even snow. If they don’t have these qualities, they might start degrading after a while and possibly lose their true color. Of course, this is more relevant for outdoor tables that have clamp or screw nets, these types of nets are meant to stay in place longer, so if the materials are weather-proof, you won’t have to worry about taking them off regularly.


Which net is better for a beginner?

It all depends on your budget, you can go all out and get the real deal; the tennis table and net from the same brand, or simply buy a retractable net and set it up on a DIY table of your choice.

Should all nets be weather-proof?

Weatherproof nets are usually for players that have their table tennis tables stationed outdoors, they aren’t a must-have for all players, but can be a great choice when protecting the net from harsh weather conditions or other elements that could deteriorate its value.

Can I install a net and post system by myself?

Most nets are pretty straightforward to set up, it really doesn’t need a professional to install it. If the instructions weren’t clear enough, you can watch an instructional youtube video on how to install the product you purchased.

How do you place the net in the post for clip-ons?

Take off the cap on the extended pole and remove the smaller pole inside, then slide the smaller pole through the edge of the net, and then carefully feed it through the slot in the extended pole until it is all the way down.

Can I use a DIY table for a clamp net?

Clamp nets are usually for serious trainees and professionals, and usually, come with specifications on the table width and length. Instead, it’s better to go with a retractable net, as these usually fit a wide range of table widths and lengths, it’s still important to check the product descriptions.

How We Picked the Best Table Tennis Net

In order to select only the best table tennis nets, we had to do our homework well, which included contacting avid tennis players and asking them which brands they preferred. Three names came up more than others, and these are obviously the first three products on our list.

However, the research didn’t stop there, we had to ensure that these nets were actually top-notch and functional, and not simply the preference of a number of tennis players. So, we watched some review videos on the three nets, and additional nets as well, and it was obvious that these players knew their nets.

Next, we went on to read on each brand that had the top 5 table tennis nets we had selected, and compared their product specifications to a good number of customer reviews to see if these nets were actually as functional as the manufacturers boasted they would be. Without beating about the bush, there’s a more detailed methodology below about what we considered and how we arrived at our final decisions.

Playing style: We had to contact recreational players, trainees and one professional tennis player to ask them about which net they preferred, this allowed us to gain more knowledge on the variety that should be included on the list, and which product served each purpose best. We had to consider what kind of players are out there, and which level best suits their needs.

Then we had to find out which nets are more suitable for recreational players and intermediate players, but not suitable for professional players. It became obvious that while the first two categories of players could handle retractable and clip-on nets, professional players needed clamp-on or screw nets that satisfied the ITTF regulations.

Budget: Depending on the type and brand, table tennis nets vary in price, people’s budgets equally vary and we took all this into consideration. While some are willing to spend top dollar on a reliable tennis net, others go for affordable nets that can still get the job done. It’s for this reason we ensured to include a mix of quality products that promise optimal functionality but are priced differently to suit the budgetary needs of the average recreational player.

Stability: There are many nets on the market; the good, the bad, and the unstable. Going for just any net could be more expensive than actually taking your time to read through these reviews before picking one out. While nets like the STIGA are very stable, others may not have the same guarantee. So we ensured that through the games we watched, reviews we read, and the players we asked, that each net was stable enough to allow optimal satisfaction when playing.

Brand: The brand was equally an important factor we considered, sometimes, the product is only as good as its brand. So we searched for top brands that have been known over the years for delivering optimal functionality, quality, and durability. The selected brands had to have equally maintained their reputation over the years, and have good ratings from customers, evaluators and experts alike.

Customer Reviews: The customer reviews were quite an interesting and time-consuming part of our research. It’s one of the major ways of telling if the manufacturers delivered on their promise of a ‘quality, durable, and stable net unit.’ Any manufacturer can boast of a good final product, but it takes customers who have used these products over time to tell if it was actually worth the money, or not worth the time of the day.