Best Small Foosball Tables Review

Foosball is a highly interactive game that engages at least or four people at once. If you’re a soccer enthusiast, then this is the next best thing. All this and more make it an avenue for bonding among family, friends, or colleagues. However, getting a foosball table can be quite a challenge.

Because it’s sometimes a long term investment, foosball tables can get pretty expensive to acquire. But it’s okay if you want something you don’t have to break the bank to get. Whether you’re a beginner trying to ”test waters ” or just a lover of the game of foosball, then this review will guide you on how to get the best small foosball table the market has to offer.


Kick Triumph 55


An all ebony hued, durable foosball table that doesn’t fail to show off some elegance. Sitting beautifully at a weight of 119 pounds and a nearly competition-sized length of 55 inches long, it clearly stands out from the rest. It’s just perfect and is a whole 9yards of foosball table action offering, medium density fibreboard playing material, double side ball-return feature counterbalanced players, leg levers, and the unique optional 1 or 3-goalie set up. It’s a one-stop for your foosball needs.


Best Choice Products


Keeping up behind our winner is this composite wood finished foosball table that also comes highly recommended for its medium-density fiberboard playing field. At 48 inches long and 24inch wide, it’s not totally in the full-size league of foosball tables. But best believe it will host an 11 or 13 man-a side game just fine. Add the fact that it comes with two balls and a cup holder and you’ll agree it deserves its silver medal.


Hathaway Playoff


The Hathaway robot almost clinched 2nd place. With its unique Playoff’s bright and colorful surround graphics that give off something close to a real-life stadium full of excited fans. Not to mention its easy-grip chrome-plated rods, realistic ABS-molded players reinforced legs and ball return feature. Still, the contenders put up a mean fight keeping it at our number 3.

After successfully highlighting the top choices, now let’s get into a more detailed review of what makes them great foosball tables not forgetting to weigh the pros and cons. By the time you hit the end of this review, you would have had enough information on foosball tables to make that perfect choice.

Best Small Foosball Tables 2020  – Top 5 Review

  1.   Kick Triumph 55″ in Black Foosball Table Review


Kick Triumph 55The  Triumph 55” is an elegant foosball designed by Kick. If you are a fan of Kick foosball tables you’d easily agree that all their designs are as elegant as they come. It’s the perfect show-off table since it screams class and at the same time delivers quality and durability.

Additionally, its all-in-black design stands quite heavy at 119 pounds. There’s no doubt this table can withstand any accidental or deliberate hit that could tip the ball for undue advantage. While many foosball table manufacturers engineer their field surface using cheap particleboard, a medium-density fiberboard is what Kick offers as it delivers smooth gameplay eliminating any shot-drag. More so, the entire board frame comes supported with incredibly strong legs and added cross-bar support so you are rest assured your table won’t collapse under its weight.

Furthermore, the leg terminates with leg-levers, another design you don’t come by cheaply on the foosball market. It’s a feature that helps maintain an even playing surface when your table is positioned on an uneven floor.

Furthermore, for effective gameplay, 8 durable semi-solid stainless steel rods finished with chrome plating run through each side of the table. This gives you ample control of the life-like figurine players.

Pick your ball easily after each goal with the ball return feature furnished on each side of the table.

Even more, the life-like players come counterbalanced eliminating awkwardness caused by unevenly weighted players. A thoughtful addition from Kick is the unique and optional 1 or 3  goalie set up, which is good news for foosball table beginners. Add the full lifetime warranty so you can rest easy as you get this for $599.85.


  • Elegant design
  • Leg-levers
  • Quality Medium-density fiberboard
  • Chrome-finished rod
  • Cross-bar support legs
  • Life warranty cover
  • Balanced players
  • Shock resistant
  • Legs are adjustable for even surface
  • Full size for a unique experience
  • Pricey
  • Set is a bit hard
  • Full-sized needs extra space

The Triumph 55” foosball table stands out for its elegance, weight, quality material, and convenient features. You should get this if you are looking for a touch of class and durability for under $1000.

  2.   Best Choice Products 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table Review


Best Choice ProductsOne assurance with this Best product is that you’ll always get more value for less pay. Now, check out this carefully finished foosball table at a price just a little over $100. Despite its affordability, you are getting a durable table coming in at a length of 48 inches and a width of 24 inches. Now that’s big enough to enjoy all the foosball action you want.

At this price, you are getting a foosball table constructed from medium-density fiberboard, a material high-end tables like to brag about. That’s not all, this European style foosball table comes with life-like players for amazing user experience. Not to mention the ergonomic handles of the rods designed to give you and other competitors perfect control of your figurine players while playing.

A thoughtful feature added here comes in the form of two cup holders, so you and your opponent can stay hydrated throughout your game. It even comes with the abacus goal counting system for easy tab-keeping of the goals scored by each player. Hey, It’s not every foosball table manufacturer that’s generous enough to throw in two balls. That’s another plus for Best products. As such, the fun doesn’t stop when the ball bounces far off from the table during rigorous action.


  • Life-like figurine players
  • Medium-density fiberboard material
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Chrome-plated rods
  • One goalie setup
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Won’t cover too much space
  • Two balls
  • Legs are supported with crossbar
  • Players not counterweighted
  • Legs are not adjustable
  • No warranty

This table is just amazing, furnished with components that offer the bragging rights most high-end tables present as strong selling points. Nevertheless, it comes at a price of  $105. You should pick this if you are on a budget but still want a foosball table that will serve you for a considerable period of time.

  3.   Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table, Soccer Game for Kids and Adults


Hathaway PlayoffThis American-style table comes in with an all-black frame and fully braced legs which only the Hathaway and a few brands can brag about. One look and you’ll find it difficult to miss the unique playoff’s bright, colorful stadium graphics which looks like a real-life stadium filled with cheering fans. The beautiful graphics extend all the way to the playing surface, designed from quality medium density fiberboard.

Looking at it alone gives you the thrill of a real-life beautiful green soccer pitch. The kids can’t get enough of it and adults find it fascinating as well. Asides the weight of this table sitting at 51 pounds with a dimension of 48.5(L) x 24(W), the table nearly meets the specs of a full-size tournament table. Before you take this the wrong way, this isn’t a negative for Hathaway, on the contrary, the compact design is one of the reasons for its high recommendation. You’ll easily find space for it in a medium or even small apartment.

Now, add the ball return feature, eight chrome-plated, hollow steel rods for effective maneuver of your players, and an abacus goal counter. You’ll agree that the Hathaway is another one-stop among small foosball tables. It sports a 3 goalie set up, so put your A-game pants on because it’s going to be hard to score your opponent during game night.


  • Unique real-life stadium graphics
  • Life-like players
  • Chrome-plated rods
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Ball return mechanism
  • Affordable
  • 6 months Money back guarantee
  • Extra ball
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable legs
  • Not full size
  • Hollow rods prone to bending

The unique design of the playing field, compactness, and of course affordability makes the Hathaway a top-3 contender. You don’t have to look any further if you want a good table that’ll deliver a unique user experience to the kids and your buddies alike.

  4.   American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table Review


American Legend ChargerThe American legend comes in with an exquisite oak wood finishing that’ll ensure that it blends excellently with other wood-finished furniture in your home. The 83-pound foosball table rests securely on four 3.75-inch thick legs further supported by crossbars. That last feature is thrown in there so you are sure your table won’t collapse easily under pressure.

Furthermore, this foosball table doesn’t come in short at all in terms of the play-surface. As expected, quality medium density fiberboard was used in the design and carefully finished with a unique darker shade of green.

The table also comes furnished with 8 standard hollowed rods, which are also chrome supported for added durability. That’s not all, a firm-grip handle terminates the hollow rod design so you can take effective shots without any awkward slips.

At $200, be rest-assured your table comes furnished with a convenient ball-return feature that makes ball retrieval easy thus, eliminating time-lag during gameplay. Also, an analog goal counter on each side wraps up the entire package.

While the length of this table almost measures up to that of a full-sized design, the 26-inch width falls short of the width of a full-size foosball table. This is good news because, at that width, you can easily fit the American legend charger in a small apartment. You might want to measure the space you have, factor in the maximum number of players that usually surround a foosball table, as well as an extra space for the rods.


  • Chrome-plated Rods
  • Quality  Medium density fiberboard play surface
  • Cross-bar leg support
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Hollow, steel rods
  • Affordable
  • Easy to put together
  • Convenient ball- retrieve system
  • Usable in small a medium apartment
  • Accommodates a maximum of 4 players
  • Figurine players are not counterweighted
  • No warranty
  • Not full-sized

The American charger does well in terms of length but has a slightly smaller width. Nevertheless, this does not limit foosball action in any way. You should opt for this table if you are on a budget and looking for a foosball table that’s got some bragging rights.

  5.   Kick Legend 55″ in Foosball Table Review


Kick Legend 55Kick has hit the market again, this time pouring their magic onto the exquisitely crafted legend. Now let’s not beat about the bush and go straight to why this monster-weight foosball table is a must-have. First, if you are getting ready for the foosball pro league or you are just a sucker for elegantly designed foosball tables, then this 142 pounds of foosball action is your stop.

Now, this huge weight might not present ease of movement but that’s technically the whole idea. With the Legend, players can’t intentionally or by accident push the table to give undue ball advantage. Fantastic right? Another feature you’ll love the Kick legend for is the counterweighted players which make gameplay smooth. This eliminates the annoying spinning movement of players while the game is going on. Furthermore, you get to choose your figurine goalie set up, either the American way (3-goalie) or the European style (1 goalie).

The brown chestnut shade wood finished table frame sits securely on 4 beautifully crafted curved legs furnished with leg-levers, so you can even the gameplay surface.

It’s practically a standard-sized table considering the dimension. It’s okay if you want to swing it as a home addition, just make sure you have space.

Asides the semi-solid steel rods plated with chrome and non-slip grip designed handles, the Legend also comes with a secure ball-retrieval mechanism. There’s also an abacus scoring system to make your entire user experience fantastic. Even more, enjoy your buying experience and rest easy with free shipping and a lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy-weight table
  • Ball-return mechanism
  • Smooth playing field
  • Analog goal counter
  • Chrome-finished rods
  • Balanced figurine players
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free rod lubricant
  • Free shipping
  • Optional goalie setup
  • Not easy to move
  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for very small space

The kick legend is an all-in-one foosball table that’ll deliver foosball needs professionally since it’s almost the same as a full-size option. If you are starting to take foosball seriously or just want something that’ll stand the test of time, this is a good choice.

Best Small Foosball Tables – Buyers’ Guide

Things to look for when buying a small foosball table?

Usage Plan

This should probably be the first thing on your list of considerations before you decided you want a foosball table, let alone fix a budget. After all, how you plan to use your table will determine what type you should go for. If your aim is to bond with your kids during weekends or holidays, it’s almost clear you’ll probably be shopping for the kids and not for yourself.

What you need to look out for are foosball tables with a colorful design, bright graphics, some pictures of excited fans cheering their favorite team, etc. All of these will positively thrill the kids in addition to all the action. Here, your table needs not to be on the large and luxurious side, still keeping in mind that you don’t want to get something too cheap if you don’t want to have to replace it in no time. It’s no secret that kids are not quite the expert when it comes to maintenance.

On the other hand, if the foosball table is for you and your buddies so you can unwind during game night. Then you’ll need something more sturdy, larger, and sized a little below a full-sized table e.g 52”(L) X 28”(W). Perhaps, you are a club or bar owner and want a foosball table for customers. You’ll be looking for a more durable table, a lot heavier than your average small foosball table to withstand pressure, and stand the test of time. A near full-sized table will be ideal with a couple of features like cup holders and counterbalanced players. So, putting some time into thinking about who will be using the table and how often is highly recommended.


There are usually several reasons why people want to opt for a smaller foosball table. Sometimes it’s just the budget, space, or poor knowledge on what is needed. At other times, they are ”testing the waters” so, if they don’t like the idea of having the table afterward, they can just pass it off to someone as a gift without parting with a lot of cash.

Let’s cut the chase, on the top of that list is budget. There’s no doubt you’ll be spending more as the table gets bigger. This is simply because bigger tables require more material to design them. Of course, some smaller-sized tables may be more expensive than a relatively bigger one because of some luxuries or convenient features. But larger, heavier tables with the same features as a smaller one will dig deeper into your pocket.  So, if you are looking to cut down what you’ll spend, a foosball table from size 40 to about 48 inches in length should not feel awkward or uncomfortable for an adult or kid.

However, if you’re hell-bent on getting a full-length foosball table, yet you still want to spend less, there are some small foosball tables that are almost full length e.g 55 inches. The only thing is that they may come short in other areas. So make sure you check the features so you can decide what you are willing to trade to get what you want.

Furthermore, if space is the reason for choosing to buy a small foosball table, you just need to take measurements of the space you have available. Factor-in about 16-18 inches, as this is the space the rods will be taking up. Just keep in mind that after assembling your table with the rods, it will cover more space than the initial size of the table.

That’s not all. Now, add 3 feet to account for players’ standing position during the game. Once all of the above is settled, the table of your choice will be checked as well.  Most tables have dimensions for the table frame, the legs, and the rods, so there’s a good chance you won’t be buying a table bigger than the space you have.

Number of players on the table

If you are a foosball veteran, this is usually least on the list of things to consider. However, if you’re a first-time buyer, you might find the 11-man player option a bit challenging as it is a lot harder defending your goal-post with one goalie. Thankfully, the American-style tables come with 13 players; an extra two players for the goal.

So like most foosball table newbies, you may opt for one with a 3-goalie set up as it makes learning less harder. Even better, some manufacturers design their tables with 1 or 3-goalie set up options. Thanks to this feature, if you begin with the 3-goalie set up, you can change-over to the 1-goalie once you are ready. This may come at a price, however, it’s something to look out for if you are on the hunt for smaller tables as a beginner.


Durability is one feature most people don’t want to trade, whether they are on a tight or flexible budget. With practically every product there’s high quality and low-quality options. You can thank capitalism and the free market for that. On the other hand, thanks to technology, there’s also a middle ground. One of the ways to get a good deal when going for a small foosball table is by checking-off tables crafted from materials of the highest quality. Solid wood is a high-density material, in the foosball table market, and it comes with a huge price tag. It’s even more pricey if you are a sucker for exquisite wood finishing.

Now, the ”middle ground” that you should look out for is medium-density fiberboard constructed tables.

They are less expensive than high-density materials but are still very reliable. Don’t get fooled by dealers who want to pass off low-quality boards by laminating or coating the surface to make them look like the real thing. While it’s great to get a durable foosball table, it’s also okay to remember there’s actually no indestructible table. So, a proper maintenance culture will be ideal for getting the best of your football table, whether it has a titanium or wood finish.

Ease of Assembly

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, you’d easily agree no one wants a table that’ll take forever to put together. That’s a huge turnoff. Sometimes you’ll need to start calling customer support repeatedly, or you might have to pay an expert to assemble it. Some manufacturers make their tables with some parts preassembled, so you don’t have to do a lot of work piecing the table together. This is something you’ll have to ask the dealer in order to guide your choice especially if you are very new to the foosball table market.

Safety Features

While the need for safety cannot be overstated, many might not consider its need when hunting for a foosball table. After all, what could possibly go wrong while enjoying a foosball game? With kids, anything could go wrong once supervision is absent. The main risk factor with foosball tables is the rods. The other end of the rod without handles could trap small fingers like those of kids while spinning action is going on. So, if you’ve got kids at home, it might be safe to ask for tables designed using a telescopic rod. These rods do not extend like the other hollow and solid rod designs.

Extra Features

Everyone loves extra features on all products. While they might present some form of convenience, many times they are just luxury additions and you probably could do without them anyway. So, if you’ve decided to go for a small foosball table, to keep the price on the low, it might be better to skip the models with the unnecessary features. If you see a feature that catches your fancy, that’s not part of the basics which contribute to functionality, just weigh it on the scales of needs & wants.

For example, a cup-holder is a fantastic addition to your table as it can come in handy to keep a drink during the game so as to stay hydrated. But, if you are not a bar owner, it’s okay to skip this feature if it will save you the extra cash. A small-sized stool can do the job equally in a domestic setting.

Another thing to bear in mind when you want to keep it within the budget is to ”keep it simple.” Some tables offer fancy, bright-light, electronic adornments for score-keeping.

Let’s be real. You probably don’t need too much visual distraction on a foosball table to enjoy the gameplay. An analog, abacus score-counter will do just fine. Still, if you feel all the bright-lights will make your user experience complete and not stretch your budget, then it’s okay. After all, it’s all about striking a balance between what you want to acquire and your purchasing power.

Pros of having a small table?

Space saver

Usually smaller tables come with smaller dimensions, this leaves you some space to accommodate other things you might need in your apartment. If you’re a bachelor, staying in a shared apartment, a small foosball table will fit well without upsetting your flatmate.

Easy to move

This is more than just being able to reposition your foosball table from your garage to the extra room. Compared to having a massive 200-pound type foosball table, a small foosball table can be moved easily to another apartment without the stress of disassembly. Even more, a small table may likely fit into the doorway of your new house easier than bigger tables.

Kids development

Foosball tables are an excellent way to develop team spirit, build communication, and exercise the body. Having a small foosball table will fuel playing-interest in kids. It’ll further make it easy to develop their mind, coordination, healthy competitive spirit, and of course, help them stay in shape.

Encourage Sporting Interest

Foosball has grown from casual entertainment table-soccer to an international game tightly regulated by official bodies. Having a small foosball table, especially at home could promote practice especially with the kids, and spur their interest in the professional leagues.

What are the different types of tables?

Small foosball tables come in varying sizes since anything less than a full-sized 56 X 30 inches is technically considered a small table.

52 – 55 Inch type Tables

The 52-55” long type of foosball tables are the most common type when it comes to small tables. You may say they are just a few inches away from full-sized as many are even designed 30 inches wide. However, it makes a huge difference in tournaments, and when you don’t have space for big-sized tables. Examples of brands in the foosball market that design these types of tables include Tornado, Roberto sport, etc. Also, the KICK makes tables of these dimensions.

48”  type Tables

This is significantly smaller and usually obvious once you take the first look. However, it’s not a negative attribute at all as their compact size makes them highly recommended. It will interest you that a lot of foosball enthusiasts find the 48-inch table ideal because they are big enough to engage a standard game and small enough to fit into homes and offices which do not have that much space to brag about.

It will further interest you to know that many best-sellers of small foosball tables hit the market with this size. Hathaway and Best Choice products are the most popular makers of foosball tables that fall into this category. The Hathaway Playoff is one of Hathaway’s best selling tables with dimensions of 48”(L) X 24”(W).

The Mini’s

Also known as the tabletop foosball tables, they are fantastic if you are screaming for space. Just as they are dubbed  ”tabletops”, they are usually placed on tables or any other secure surface like kitchen counters, etc. They don’t come with legs so you can even call them super space-savers. When you are not playing, you can keep them away safely in a horizontal orientation, since they occupy very little space. Furthermore, if you want to go on a small trip to your cabin, or the park for a picnic on a beautiful summer afternoon, it’ll fit right in your car without any stress.

They are equally easier to assemble and usually come cheaper than large tables. As expected, they come in smaller dimensions of 40”(L)X20”(W).  Some of the notable pieces include the Sport Squad FX40, Rally roar foosball tabletop, and Portzon foosball table.


What is the standard size for a small table?

Size is a relative term. However, as far as foosball tables go, there’s a spec generally considered as a full size. This size is what the international table soccer federation and other recognized authorities involved in foosball regulation consider as a full size. Tables that are 56(L) X 30(W) inches are officially full-sized, and that is what is ideal for international leagues and tournaments. Therefore, any table significantly less than this specification in length or width is considered small-sized.

Is a small table large enough?

Depending on the dimensions and what you intend to use it for, every small foosball table is large enough for what it is acquired for. For example, a player aiming for pro leagues, but can’t afford the standard regulation-sized table may decide to go for a small table of size 52(L) X 30(W), which is smaller compared to a full-size table. It’s small alright, but it’s large enough for the intended practice.

How many players are there on a small table?

Most small foosball tables, asides the tabletop, specifically meant for kids are designed to have the same number of rods as full-sized tables, which is 8. This accommodates a maximum of 4 players, two on each side, and a minimum of 2 players, one on each side.

How do I play foosball on a small table?

Playing on a small foosball table is simple once you follow the rules of gameplay. If you are playing against a single opponent, you will need to maneuver all 4 rods on the side of your table to control your figurine players to get the ball into your opponent’s goal post. Pretty easy, right? Well, it gets a bit tougher because you also have to use the same rods to prevent your opponent from maneuvering the foosball into your own goal post.

Altogether, you need concentration, keep your eyes on the ball, as a single second of distraction could give your opponent the advantage to win. On the other hand, if it’s a two-man opponent, you will be maneuvering only two of the rods on your side of the table while your team member controls the other two to compete against the opponent.

One set of rods is for offensive or attacking gameplay, while the other two are defensive. It requires good teamwork since you can’t technically be attacking and defending with only two rods.

How do I clean the table?

Cleaning your foosball table is pretty simple seeing as most foosball tables are made of wood or sometimes, metal. It’s not recommended to clean with water, wood doesn’t do well with water. Neither does metal since it’s subject to rust in the presence of air and water.

Therefore, a dry piece of clothing is sufficient to remove any dust or larger particle that may have settled on the board during use or otherwise. However, because a lot of eating or drinking may go on around the table, rubbing alcohol will be needed to remove any sticky, stubborn stain. Avoid using metal or a razor to remove the sticky stain, it may damage the design on the table.

How frequently should it be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning would largely depend on the frequency of usage. If your foosball table is used once a month e.g. During game-night or on holidays, you may adopt scheduled maintenance of cleaning once a month. However, if your table is used frequently, a gentle clean with a dry cloth after use will just fine. Even better, a full cleaning with rubbing alcohol one a week is sufficient.

How much does a good small foosball table cost?

Small foosball tables cost as little as $30 for small tabletop sizes to as much as $800 for tables a little smaller in dimension and specifications when compared to a regulation-sized table. Sometimes the extra features are a convenience or a luxury that may add some additional cost. On average, a good foosball table that will serve you for a good number of years, if you apply good maintenance culture, will cost between $100 to $600.

What’s the best brand of smaller foosball tables?

There are lots of great brands on the market however, some brand names standout well. This is because they offer you a one-stop for your foosball table needs especially if you are a beginner.

The Kick Brand: Kick is an excellent maker of durable and elegant foosball

tables. Most of their tables come close to full-sized tables in terms of specs. They further come with lots of features, not just for essential foosball operation but also for convenience. As such, you can have a good user experience whether you’re a beginner or veteran. Among the notable brands are the Kick triumph 55” and the Kick legend 55”.

How many goalies do smaller tables have?

Goalies are defined based on the American or European foosball table style. The American style offers a 3-goalie set up while the European style uses the 1-goalie set up. However, some manufacturers, such as Kick, design their tables to offer users both options. You simply have to set it up as you desire.

What are the best foosball balls for a small table?

Many foosball players that are casual engager may not know how important foosball balls are in comparison to the other parts of the foosball table. The ball quality may impair gameplay action, whether it’s for fun at home or where the stakes are higher. It’s therefore essential to pick a good foosball for your table.

The official classic pink Tornado:

The pink tornado is a tournament-grade ball that offers great control and rolls quite well if the plating surface is good enough. The roundness of this ball is near perfect.

Warriors tournament quality Red Foosballs:

This a little heavier in weight than the pink tornado. It offers free control and is also an international tournament-grade ball which will do well on a smaller foosball table

Garlando yellow:

The Garlando yellow is a good textured ball, usually of better quality than the traditional balls made of plastic. They happen to be suitable for most table types.

Final verdict

We understand that choosing a foosball table can be quite a task especially when you are on a budget or just testing the waters. Either way, you’d want a table that will serve you and stand the test of time. That is why we have chosen Kick Triumph 55″ in Black Foosball Table as our top choice.

We considered its size and dimension and concluded the table delivers well in terms of a wide game-play surface. As such, it’s big enough for standard games and small enough to fit in your home or small office space. The weight is also a strong contending feature, at 119 pounds, it’s heavier than most lightweight, small foosball tables. This is good news because a lot of quality and durable materials were used in the design. That includes medium-density fiberboard, not to mention quality steel rods.

Furthermore, it doesn’t come short in terms of extra features like convenience or class. Finally considering the price, for all its features put together, the Kick Triumph is very affordable. We sincerely hope that you’ll find this guide helpful in choosing the foosball table for you.