Best Mini Foosball Tables Review

You’ll likely agree with us when we say that Foosball is a joyous game that brings families, friends, and sometimes enemies together. This high-energy game can take place anywhere you please, from the comfort of your home to your office lounge and even in bars. Many might have the notion that foosball tables are so huge! As such, you can never find the right one for your home.
What if we told you that you could indeed have the cutest foosball table in the comfort of your home for family and friends to enjoy? Well, you can! To that effect, we’ve created an entire article to show you how.


Sport Squad FX40 40 inch Table Top Foosball Table


The most popular foosball table in the world today, the Sport Squad FX40 is a 40-inch tabletop foosball table. It is well designed to be suitable for kids, thus it’s lightweight, compact, and extremely durable. The manufacturers made use of chrome-plated steel for the handles and rods, molding them to a size that all children can benefit from. What’s more, the Sport Squad foosball table is the best model for all beginners and makes for a great family present.


Hey! Play! Tabletop Foosball Table-


Hey! Come play! That’s what this next product is all about. The company is beckoning all of us with their Tabletop foosball table, a state of the art table built for your pleasure and full entertainment. This tabletop game can be played everywhere; thanks to the compact build. What’s more, it is lightweight and easy to move and comes with its own balls, making it a complete set you can play with for hours on end.


Giantex 27"


We love the Giantex table because it is yet another top-quality model you can benefit from significantly. This is a foosball table that’s very easy to assemble. What’s more, it is our top budget pick product because of how affordable it is, and one of the best concerning quality. Not only is the Giantex light in weight, but it is also compact and doesn’t cry for a lot of space. It can be used on coffee tables, kitchen countertops, and even on the floor.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the top three products in our article, we’ll talk more about their features, pros, and cons, as well as how best to choose the ideal foosball table for your home, without breaking the bank. Our article looks at the top five foosball tables in the market, according to customer reviews and ratings.

Best Mini Foosball Tables 2020  – Top 5 Reviews

  1.   Sport Squad FX40 40 inch Table Top Foosball Table for Adults and Kids


Sport Squad FX40 40 inch Table Top Foosball TableWhenever we come across toys and games, we’re told to have fun as we plug and play. The Sport Squad tells us to unplug and play! Say goodbye to those hi-tech games that require mobile data and hello to the Sport Squad FX40, a tabletop foosball table. This table offers you fast-paced play, enabling you to spend proper, quality time with both family and friends whenever you please.  Furthermore, it can easily be transported to gatherings, tailgate events, and even birthday parties, for a little extra fun.

The Sport Squad FX40 table offers fun for all ages and has been built to withstand convenient and competitive play. It features chrome-plated steel rods, faster assembly thanks to its easy instructions, and non-marking rubber pads that keep your table well-protected at all times. Beginners and kids alike can enjoy using this table, as stated by existing customers.

The Sport Squad for foosball also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all sales, where the customer service is always available in case you’re still not satisfied. But, best believe you won’t need to use that.


  1. Compact tabletop foosball table.
  2. Faster table assembly:
  3. Chrome-plated steel rods
  4. Rubber grooved handles enable a robust and stable grip
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Great starter model
  • Quick to assemble
  • Strong surface base
  • Well-designed goal boxes
  • Smooth ball return
  • Instructions
  • No soccer ball inserts on the sides.
  • No warranty information that we could find
  • Must ensure instructions are well followed, or assembling can be tricky

If you’re in need of a sturdy, top quality, and durable unit for all your entertainment needs, you should consider giving the Sport Squad FX40 a chance to show you how it’s done.

  2.   Hey! Play! Tabletop Foosball Table- Portable Mini Table Football / Soccer Game for Adults and Kids Review


Hey! Play! Tabletop Foosball Table-Come and enjoy the thrill that comes with playing foosball. There’s no other table like this particular unit made by Hey! Play! With this tabletop foosball table, you can enjoy real-life foosball action from anywhere within your home or office. This table is a mini portable unit and can be used by both adults and children now learning the tricks to foosball. Perfect your shooting skills, 360-degree spins, and goalie blocks with this magnificent table.

The Hey! Play! Table is compact and extremely portable. As such, moving this foosball table from one area to the other is straightforward, making it the ideal space-saving unit one can ever purchase. It is well suited for spaces such as the family room floor and kid’s playroom as well. People of all ages can enjoy this foosball table since it comes as a complete set. It allows you to play one-on-one, and even try the 2-person team game for a little more fun.


  1. Complete game set
  2. Great for all ages
  3. Ideal space-saving size and compact design
  4. Real-life action for family and friends
  5. minimal assembly required
  • Formidable “players” and a nice weighty ball
  • Good accessory pack included
  • Good surface size
  • Lightweight
  • Looks great on display
  • Well-built
  • Hand grips can hurt the hands
  • The installation instructions could be clearer
  • Quality could be better

Sport Squad is a fantastic brand that knows exactly what we need for recreation. They provide their solutions in the form of top-quality game sets like the FX40, which is why we greatly recommend it for all.

  3.   Giantex 27″ Foosball Table, Easily Assemble Wooden Soccer Game Table Top Review


Giantex 27"Giantex has, over the years, strived to bring entertainment into the homes of several people through their creation of top-quality game sets. A typical example is the Giantex Foosball table, which is one of the best and easiest to access in the world today. Besides being mighty affordable, this table is exceptionally portable, meaning it can be moved from one place to the other with little to no effort or scratches.

The Giantex wooden foosball table features a durable structure featuring the use of both wood and steel. Not only do these materials make the table durable, but it also ensures their reliability and longevity as the years go by. We recommend this table for all homes because it is easy to play and suitable for daily use. Regardless of your recreational needs, trust Giantex to create the perfect play tool for your home or office.


  1. Constructed using robust wood and steel rods
  2. Easy to play
  3. Portable design
  4. Suitable for daily use
  5. The perfect gift for family and friends
  6. Versatile and simple-to-use interactive furniture
  • Legs included in the design
  • Scratch-resistant on all surfaces
  • Sturdy MDF frame
  • Visually attractive model
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Durable
  • Weak bars break with regular use
  • Fitted with shallow goal boxes
  • Quality could be better

  4.   Portzon Foosball Table, Mini Tabletop Billiard Game Review


Portzon MiniThe Portzon mini tabletop table might not stand on its own but trust that playing a good game of foosball on this tabletop will be unforgettable. The Portzon table is made from premium ABS materials and a medium-density fiberboard, which extends its durability. The best part about this table is how well it eradicates stress for parents and children alike, making it the best way to bond as a family.

Additionally, the Portzon football table can be placed on many surfaces, including kitchen counters, cabinets, desktops, storage rooms, and many more. It is not only compact but also detachable to help you save space and when necessary. Reduce the reliance of your family on technology for fun by using the Portzon tabletop in your home. It is the best surprise for them.


  1. Beautiful packaging gift box
  2. Cultivate family intelligence
  3. Easy to carry the storage
  4. Excellent stress relief game for adults
  5. Made from high-quality medium density fiberboard
  • Can be stored with ease
  • Easily transportable
  • On the larger side and doesn’t feel like a toy
  • Visually pleasing
  • Durable
  • Instructions included
  • The most expensive table on this list
  • The assembly instructions could be clearer.
  • Quality could be better

Portzon has a lot to offer as a brand, which is why their creation of a top-notch foosball tabletop table doesn’t come as a surprise to many. They understand our needs and design accordingly, keeping us entertained and educated at the same time. It’s always a win-win with Portzon.

  5.   Funtime PL7605 Table Football, 16-Inch Review


Funtime PL7605There’s no better brand than Funtime if you’re looking for a fun time at home! Funtime launched the Funtime Table for foosball and have since then risen to the top as leading manufacturers.

The Funtime foosball table is a 16-inch contraption that allows you to enjoy all the classic pub and arcade games you needed to pay for, back in the day. This foosball table fits perfectly into your dining room table and office desk, and as such, ensure that you enjoy hours of frantic action and fun.

The Funtime foosball table also comes in an attractive box that is ideal for gifting others which is fitted with four aluminum handles catering for the six players on each team. You can’t ignore the quality wood grain finish used in the design of this table since it increases the level of uniqueness by a high margin.


  1. 16” version of the popular arcade
  2. Hours of frantic action and fun
  3. Keep the score with the scoreboard included
  4. Packed in a color box
  5. Perfect for any sports-mad household
  • Choice of 1 or 3 goalies
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expertly designed and made
  • Lightweight
  • Well-designed goal boxes with a smooth ball return
  • The most expensive table on this list
  • No soccer ball inserts on the sides
  • The assembly instructions can be improved

Never let the possibility of a good time with friends and family go to waste, have fun with the Funtime Table football and watch your home become vibrant with laughter, squeals, and screams of delight once again. With its low cost and magnificent build, there’s no denying that this foosball table will work wonders wherever it is placed.

Best Mini Foosball Tables – Buyers’ Guide

Things to look for when buying a mini foosball table?

A lot of foosball tables are on sale in today’s market, and each model comes with its own price, style, and size. It can be very tough, picking, and choosing the ideal model to purchase for your home or office. Further, with the amount of money involved, one has to be extremely thorough with the scouting process.

Finding the best foosball table, however, will leave you wanting nothing for many years. We have accumulated the most vital features every potential buyer should consider before they choose a foosball table. The features include the intended number of players, table material, among others.

Prices of Foosball Tables

The price of a foosball table is one of the main deciding factors for many people. The pricing range of foosball tables can vary from $100 to a few thousand dollars. You should note that in today’s market, their quality, size, and features of foosball tables will vary a great deal. Cheaper tables will definitely cost less than professional tables, thus knowing your budget beforehand is very important.

We may not know your budget, but we advise that you create and stick to a fixed budget, before going out into the sea of foosball tables. Price is tied directly to the warranty given on a mini table; thus, the pricier it is, the greater your chance of getting a lifetime guarantee.

Table sizes

The dimensions of the table you want must be considered because sometimes, you might end up putting it in a room with minimal space. Consider the amount of space required to walk around the table, as well as space where the players will stand to play.

For walking freely around your foosball table, it is ideal to have about 18 inches on each end. Another thing to consider, concerning table size, is the availability of ball return on one side of your foosball table. If the table you’re buying is meant for use by children, it is best to consider their height during the selection process.

The foosball table vs. player skill

The skill of the player that will be using the table is one major factor you should consider when choosing a Foosball table. Beginners in the game can do excellent learning with a budget table, and so can children. Once they’ve decided to take the game seriously, you can move to a table suitable for intermediate to professional players.

Also, a professional table allows players to hone their skills to the highest level and have more features and are popular in competitions and tournaments. They’re also more expensive, because of this, which is why you should know your skill level to decipher which table will be a better investment.

Ratings of the table

On almost all online reviews for foosball tables, you will come across ratings for foosball tables on online store sites, review sites, and other websites. As a potential buyer, it is best to look at many sites, study their ratings for the models, and then find the best model for you and your gaming needs.

To save you the time, we have ranked our products in order of rating, from the highest to the fifth highest. Each model has unique elements and features that make your games unforgettable. Find genuine ratings from sites like Amazon to help you pick the right model.

Genuine reviews

Reviews and feedback from existing users are what many companies thrive on to sell their products. When a customer is highly impressed with the performance of a product, they never hesitate to make it public, telling friends and family and sometimes even going the extra mile to make a gift purchase for those they hold dear. Reviews are very similar to ratings; thus, they also need to be studied. To find genuine reviews, visit trustworthy sites such as Amazon, where thousands of individuals have made the purchase you wish to make. Read their comments, both old and updated, to have a fuller image of what’s expected with every table.

Features & style

The next vital consideration to be made concentrates on the features and style of your preferred foosball table. There are different types of tables, and each one has special features that set it apart. Some of these features include the number of goalies. We have the three goalie systems and the one goalie system.

In the USA, the three goalie system is viral and is played everywhere. In Europe, however, they rely on and love the one goalie system. You get to decide which style you like to play with, and the kind of table you ultimately want.

There’s also the number of players incorporated into the game. In the typical game, you will have eleven or thirteen people playing in one team, depending on the goalie system you choose. With the lower-priced table, you can have only a few players.

Leveling mechanism

To ensure that the table is kept perfectly flat, a good foosball table will need a leveling mechanism. Having a leveled table is essential because when the table is slightly tilted, it usually gives one player an unfair advantage. The term is commonly known as playing ‘downhill.’

Tabletop foosball tables lack any leveling system, while all full tables come with some form of leveling. Always check for the stability and leveling of your preferred table, before making any purchases because using folded pieces to attain stability can be a royal pain in anyone’s backside.


The quality and price of the foosball table you want will be determined by the material used in its construction. The material used always affects both the weight and quality of the table; thus, it is essential to take note of them. Some common tables are made from;

Solid wood

The solid wood foosball tables are durable, heavy, and more stable than the rest. They’re often preferred for use in tournaments and competitions because of their top quality. These tables have a higher lifespan, and as such, they can last a lifetime, provided they’re taken care of properly.

Laminate tables

The laminate foosball surfaces are the most popular on the market, and the most common type of table in our homes or offices. They are lighter than the solid wood models but are also sturdy and stable enough for long term play. Their prices come lower than their solid wood companions, but their quality isn’t compromised in any major way. The laminate foosball tables look great, and they also fit well into any space they find themselves in.

Plastic foosball table

The last types are the tables made from plastic. The plastic models are the most affordable models in the market. They are not as durable, sturdy, or heavy as their counterparts, and this makes them less expensive too.

Plastic tables, however, can be very great for use, provided you do your research to find those of top quality. Be sure to read all reviews and check the ratings, since the plastic table is the only weatherproof option among the lot.

Pros of having a mini table?

You have a mini foosball table, so what? What makes your table so unique and special when compared to other fun games in the market. There are several people with this question in mind, especially while reading this article, and that’s not surprising. Many of us aren’t used to the presence of foosball in our homes; we often view it as an outdoor game or those that mostly exist only in bars. In the following paragraphs, we highlight the pros of owning and using a foosball table in your home, and why we believe you should get one the next time you step out!

Lower Prices

The first point has to do with pricing because we’re all naturally economical at our cores, looking for the next low, but great deal we can find. It doesn’t matter the kind of product in question, we simply need to find one we can afford, and won’t have to break the bank for. The purchase of a mini foosball table is very economical because generally, mini tables are cheaper than their larger counterparts. What’s more, their price is mainly lower because they’re half the size of bigger built tables. The price attracts many because you get to have all the benefits of a foosball table, without the extra monetary investment.

Foosball is Great Entertainment

Believe it or not, a good game of foosball is enough to keep you and your family entertained for hours on end. It takes away your desire to look at your screens for entertainment and education. It further teaches you how to strategize, and develop great agility to win. Games such as foosball are an excellent way to spend your well-deserved downtime, in the comfort of your office lounge or home.


Imagine having a party or event where lots of friends and family are going to be present. You need to keep them entertained for a long period, and somehow a bunch of cards just won’t cut it. Now’s the time to pull out your secret weapon; the portable foosball table. These tables are built as detachable units; thus, they can be assembled and disassembled with ease, when they’re needed. Also, the portability of many mini tables makes it easier to move them from your bedroom to the garage and even to your study to give you that much-needed work break.

Kiddy Friendly

Foosball mini tables are not made only for grownups; children can use them too. A lot of companies know how children love to play and experiment with games; thus, they mold their tables in a manner that makes them child friendly. Some kiddy friendly features include small handles for secure handling by your little one. It is an undeniable fact that mini foosball tables are great for small hands, making them the best option for full family fun.

Starter models

Besides being great for kids, the mini foosball table is the best way to learn all about foosball. It is an excellent starter for beginners and enables them to learn all the necessary skills before upgrading to a full-sized table. Mini tables don’t have all the features of a full-sized table, but they offer you enough space to learn tactics and goalie skills that will make you a master of your game when you decide to go pro.

What are the different types of foosball tables?

Foosball mini tables are characterized by various elements; their style, size, choice of materials, and their prices. In this section of the buying guide, we highlight the significant types of foosball tables that can be enjoyed in the home and offices. They are four in general, and all models are very common around the world.

Standard table

The tables that are most talked about are the standard tables. These foosball tables are designed especially for beginners, children, and all those seeking to learn the basics of foosball without a hefty price commitment. Standard tables have different types under their umbrella, namely the professional and intermediate models.

A typical standard foosball table features legs to stand on the floor. They further take up an amount of space and also come at a higher rate of purchase. The standard table is equally easy to access, extremely durable once appropriately maintained, and well worth every penny. Everyone and anyone can use it, and in all locations with ease.


Tabletop foosball tables are for intermediate and beginner players. They have a similar design to the standard table but don’t come with legs to stand on the floor. This means that as its name suggests, the table must be placed on top of another table before it can be used.

Though standard tables are cheaper, lighter, and demand their own space, the tabletop foosball tables can be picked right up when they’re not needed. This makes them ideal for small spaces and homes. All in all, the tabletop foosball table is compact in design and can be mounted or unmounted when necessary.

Multi-game table

These tables are aimed at children and beginner level players. They are similar to the tabletop models in the sense that they must be placed on another surface, due to the absence of legs. This is not the highest quality option you can find on the market, their main advantage is that they are versatile enough to be used for other games. The multi game table is also very affordable, because of its quality, and it requires regular maintenance to make it last for as long as possible. An example of another game you can play on the multi-game table is air hockey.

Coin mechanism

Coin mechanism tables are the same as standard tables, with the significant differentiation being that they need some form of payment to operate. Coins have to be put into the machine to enable players to use them. By design, the coin mechanism models are costly units, as compared to all other models described earlier. They are also of a higher quality than all other tables since they require sturdiness for the places they’re usually found, such as bars and other public spaces.


What is the standard size for a mini table?

Mini foosball tables are available in varying sizes to enable different kinds of users to find a set that complements their space. Despite the size variations, there are standard sizes used in making these tables, to help manufacturers during their production processes. For the mini foosball tables, the standard size is 56” L x 30”W.

This size is independent of the foosball handles. There are several tables smaller than this,  thus, the ultimate size you opt for is mostly dependent on the space you have available. As much as possible, ensure that the intended room is larger than the size of your preferred mini table. This will cater for the machine handles and your movement around the table.

Is a mini table large enough?

As mentioned earlier, mini foosball tables are made in different sizes to cater to the varied demands of customers. It doesn’t matter if your mini table is 56-inches or 48-inches long; the one you choose will take up a lot of space. The larger the table, the longer it takes to disassemble, and the more area it will swallow within your home, office, or commercial space. Mini tables, though built in different sizes, are generally small; thus, they’re easier to carry, assemble, and store when in use.

How many players are there on a mini table?

On a standard mini foosball table, you can play one-on-one or in a group with your friends and family. You can have as many as twenty-six players, twenty-two players including the goalie, defensemen, strikers and midfield players. Foosball is played in two teams; thus, each side can have the average number of players for soccer, which is eleven. Splitting twenty between the two groups, this means you can play a good game with one goalie, three strikers, two defensemen, and five midfield players.

Is there any difference playing foosball on a mini table?

Playing on a mini foosball table as compared to a larger foosball table isn’t completely different. The significant difference between both tables, however, is that the mini foosball tables offer players the chance to fix their rods. These are the only things you will need to fix.

The larger table, however, since it has more surface area and more parts, users will have to attach the legs, assemble the cabinet, rods, and also to fix the players. The play in itself is very similar with both tables; thus, you don’t miss out on much when using a mini foosball table.

How do I clean the table?

Maintenance for foosball tables is easy, simple and must be done as regularly as possible. The first step is to wipe the surface as often as possible. Be sure to do this with a dry, clean cloth. This removes all the debris and loose dirt from your foosball table and is very helpful when done on a regular basis. After wiping, the next best step is to wipe the top surface again, but this time with a light amount of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol goes a long way to remove dirt we can’t see, and any germs that may be present.

How frequently should it be cleaned?

Regular cleaning of the foosball table is a major part of its maintenance, and by regular, we mean it must be done every week. If you play a good game of foosball every day, once a week for maintenance shouldn’t be an issue. Keep the surface of your foosball table spotless with a clean cloth, and then use alcohol to rub it down if your table has marks or extra dirt. The alcohol should have a percentage of 70-90, and with such strength, it shouldn’t be overused. Using alcohol in its right quantity cleans the surfaces without damaging the table any further.

How much does an excellent mini foosball table cost?

Mini foosball tables are smaller than the main foosball tables and, as such, they aren’t expected to be very expensive. There are more significant and prominent models that cost a lot more thanks to the extra features and benefits they provide. For mini foosball tables, since they have no legs or stands, their prices range from $40 to about $90. With such a scale, it is safe to say that mini foosball tables are priced well below the $100 mark, making them a very affordable option for those who don’t want to splurge for their favorite sport.

What’s the best brand of mini foosball tables?

There are thousands of manufacturers making and designing mini foosball tables for user satisfaction. Many of these manufacturers are really great at what they do since they’ve undertaken the necessary research to support their constructions and designs. The most popular mini foosball table is the Sport Squad FX40 Foosball table. It is a huge favorite on the market, thanks to its attractive design and durable build. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and is also extremely affordable.

How many goalies do mini tables have?

Mini tables can have one or three-goalies, depending on the model and the manufacturer. There are different models available, with each one having its advantages and disadvantages. As to which one is better, it will be tough to decide because each one is relevant to a different group of people. Below, we’ve explained the different points of view, from different players with varying preferences.

The one goalie foosball advantages

  • The one goalie foosball table allows the users to take advantage of space control. It prevents you from worrying about the crowd, and focus on one primary area during your play. This heightens your concentration and makes your game more competitive and fun.
  • If you have excellent agility, the one goalie foosball table is excellent for you. With agility, you’re designed to offer a quick reaction to your opponent’s moves and the speed of your response determines how far your game will go, and how high your chances of winning are. For all those who react to moves abruptly and swiftly, the one goalie is a great option you consider investing in.
  • In Europe, the one goalie foosball is widely known and enjoyed. In competitions and tournaments, the one goalie table is more preferred. This foosball game is an advisable game for all those seeking entitlements, accolades, and accomplishments through competitions and tournaments.

The three-goalie foosball

  • With the three-goalie foosball, you have perfect assistance during the game, making it an enjoyable experience every time. You will always have support from your goal position as well as a lot of allies.
  • The best team game in foosball is the three-goalie foosball game. Every three-goalie foosball player needs to learn cooperation and coordination, where reaching out to teammates and thinking as a unit is essential for your success. In foosball, teamwork is highly crucial because that’s the only way you will win.
  • Let’s forget about Europe for a second and think about the United States. Did you know the most prevalent foosball version in the US? Yes, the three goalie system! It is considered a standard game by many in America, with high regard given to its players. Many love and admire the payers because the three-goalie is seen as a very tough and demanding game. It’s also regarded as very different from the one-goalie foosball system.

What are the best foosball balls for a mini table?

Foosball balls are small, and they come in varying forms. What you’ll find out there is the smooth, cork, textured, and the traditional soccer balls. There are some made from plastic, and as much as possible, they should be avoided during your games because they can make the game uncomfortable and confusing. The standard foosball balls are of high quality, and can significantly improve your skills and delicacy.

Final Verdict

Family entertainment is slowly becoming a sought after phenomenon, as such, we need variety here and there. Having great, mind-stimulating games takes the burden off our thoughts, allowing us to focus on each other as a family and also have fun while doing so. The mini foosball table is a great way to start the family bonding process.

We see its great benefit from our top choice which is the Sport Squad FX40. This is a tabletop table designed for both adults and kids. It is light in weight, affordable, and durable thanks to the use of materials such as steel and chrome. Start your successful foosball career with this beautiful table and move up the ranks with ease.